round about: marshmallow seats & cardboard cameras

by mari

This week's top links online include DIY Valentine crafts, DIY room decor, modern design finds, and a diy camera.

No matter how clearly we may know that life is finite, when it actually shows up and slaps you in the face, it’s impossibly hard to grasp it. This week we are dealing with a death in the family, and through the heartache the most interesting part is listening to and answering Birdie’s questions. Kids think through all of it: the weirdness, the yucky bits, and the poignant as well. Explaining some of the seemingly non-sensical traditions of our culture has been the strangest, and the most enlightening. Here’s to life everyone, let’s make sure we live it.

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • These colors will make your craft projects siiiiing. via Art Bar
  • Grow-A-Boyfriend bath bombs. Yep. via Studio DIY
  • Beauty and the Beast would love these chipped mugs. via So Super Awesome
  • Who wouldn’t want to sit on a marshmallow seat? via Design Milk
  • Felt will always be my first craft material choice. via Super Make It
  • Oh my goodness a polaroid old-fashioned camera?! via Colossal


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