round about: valentine pancakes & pin the kiss

by mari

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It turns out Valentine’s Day is next week, how did that happen? I’m grateful January is over, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t really feel like the season of love – at least not yet! Maybe we’ll do a little decorating this weekend, or try one of these DIY’s to get us into the swing of things. If you’re looking for last minute Valentines – make sure to check out my Valentine Printables over at Smallful – you can grab lots of goodies for class Valentines, friends, and the ones you love the most!

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • A spot-on Valentines DIY I can’t wait to try. via Design Mom
  • Do your kids dress up for Valentine’s Day? via Little Gatherer
  • Wanna play a game of Pin the Kiss? Me TOO! via Small Fry
  • A drip preserved forever. via Colossal
  • Drop everything, let’s make like, 20 of these. via Paper & Stitch
  • Valentine’s season requires sweets like these. via Hello, Wonderful

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