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summer swim fun

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Watching Birdie play in her silly little pool is one of my favorite simple summer pleasures. And capturing a splash like this one, with that sunlight, on my silly little iPhone makes it about ten times better. We made boats using some Hosta leaves, and people out of twigs, and spent lots of time … […]

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gotta get app: Nighty Night!

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Let me first apologize, I meant to do a test drive of this app with Birdie last night but our Father’s Day got a little craaazy! We were outside partying hard core. Laying pavers, planting plants, digging in the dirt, and running through the sprinkler. Simultaneously of course! Didn’t seem like my idea of a […]

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gotta get app: toca boca

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I can’t stop raving about my new favorite digital game play studio: Toca Boca. These guys are bringing true innovation to the world of digital play for kids. Particularly with this genre-bending concept: digital toys versus digital games. We all have examples of games and educational apps for kids (abcs, colors, etc.) But Toca Boca […]

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app of the day

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It’s no secret that I’m an apple addict. We’ve got … lemmee think here … an iPad 2, three macbooks, four iPhones (three of them are still working), and several antique iPods. My proudest moment was the day I realized we’d converted my geekoid husband. It’ss rather impressive considering his Computer Science education – he’s […]

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