making paper dolls with hipfits

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You know me, I love paper dolls. So many ways to dress them up, and so many creative ways to draw and illustrate them too. So when HipFits was looking to collaborate, I knew we had a match made in heaven! HipFits creates super sweet backpack hangers that you can collect and accessorize. Used to […]

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the most fashionable pandas

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Finding the perfect something that you didn’t know you even needed – that’s the most addictive side of shopping. Gets me every time. Like when I stumbled on these fashioanble panddas from Szmacianki. I mean, come on. Those scruffy sweet faces paired with the of-the-moment clothing? Who knew a panda could look so svelte? It kind […]

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round about: straw monsters & quilted bubble wrap

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With Birdie in school full days, our art-making time has been sorely lacking over the last months. I finally realized the solution – she needs to know the schedule. Just like piano lessons every Thursday, I’ve decided this summer to try and have an “art day” one afternoon each week. I’ve found with her, if […]

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worth 1000 words: girl and bear

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I can’t help but see Birdie and her kick-a$$ glasses when I look at this illustration. Get the print from JillyP on Society6.

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a game where winking is required!

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It’s got to be hard to come up with a new game. So many have come before, how do you come up with something new? Blue Orange has created a game that has a really great twist to it. No, the game play itself isn’t completely new, but it’s twisted around and changed enough that […]

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new magnetic blocks

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Yippee Skippee! Tegu has expanded their selection of magnetic blocks! Now they have added smaller sets of blocks in a natural finish, with some awesome futuristic graphics in blue. Each set includes just enough pieces for an open ended session of  “What can I make next?”. I like to think of them like a Tangram […]

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it’s not Sunday, but mlle dimanche doesn’t care

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Ah, little French dolls. With cozy hats, hand-knit sweaters, pouty little lips, and strappy ballerina shoes. That’s what you get with a Mademoiselle Dimanche Doll Kit. (and yes, Dimanche means Sunday, hence my post title!). If you want a new craft project to start out with this summer, I highly suggest one of these. Each doll kit […]

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featured: willow & stylo magazine

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My sweet little Willow is super excited about her summer wardrobe. Honestly, if I could magically find a way to snap my fingers and wake up to a closetful of her clothes, I’d be happy too! Luckily, all you need to do to get ahold of Willow’s wardrobe (and lots of playtime fun) is head over […]

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you’ll be wild about these magical shapes

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Last week at the library we found this mesmerizing book. Like magic, it creates animals out of random shapes and layers of acetate. The colors and simplicity are a designer’s dream. The story within Wild About Shapes is super basic, letting the animals speak for themselves. Asking questions like, “what can you see?” when all […]

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maker mentors conference

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I wanted to share with you guys a new online conference I’m in the middle of – Maker Mentors. It started yesterday, and runs through tomorrow (Saturday). And so far it’s been awesome. It’s full of makers of all kinds – and bloggers too – working to grow their business and learning along the way. […]

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worth 1000 words: watercolor plates

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I can’t believe it. You can actually make. these. Drop everything and get going folks – I think I may need to make a complete set. See the DIY Watercolor plate tutorial via Fall for DIY.

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travel the world in the mail

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Travelling the world isn’t really an easy thing to do for most families. It certainly isn’t an option for us right now. Birdie, of course, knows how to make me feel extra guilty. She has asked many times “When can I go to China?”. Or Japan, Egypt, Paris, and other far-flung locales. Don’t you wish […]

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everyone needs an animal

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Our local animal shelter has the funniest looking little pug with eyes that might just pop out of her head. It’s not quite the right time to bring a dog home yet, and my husband thought they eyes were creepy. But Birdie and I, we liked them. This stuffed Pug from Jess Quinn reminds me […]

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worth 1000 words: dandelion ceilings

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If you can’t get everyone to the field of dandelion blowballs, then you bring the blowballs to the gallery instead. Completely understandable. Dandelion installation by Regine Ramseier.

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love monarchs, plant milkweed

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There was one sumer, years and years ago, when my parents’ walnut trees were completely covered with flapping orange wings. It was only for a day or so, and I kept running outside to check on them, what I saw seemed impossible.  I was so disheartened the day I woke up to find them gone! As […]

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