back to school backpacks

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I tried to convince Birdie that she needed one of these amazing little backpacks designed by Michelle Romo for the Land of Nod. But she’d already found a unicorn backpack she prefers, and I’m not really surprised, since unicorns are one of her top most favorite of favorite things! Still, if we hadn’t seen the unicorns, […]

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your new favorite plates

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Oh my gosh golly I have such a crush on Ingela Arrhenius and her designs. Her colorful, graphic, quirky, funny, and delightful design aesthetic just makes me so happy. Grab a set of her nesting dolls, a melamine plate or two or a whole set if you’re me, and cozy up to some happiness. Then, […]

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your next dollhouse might not be a house

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Birdie has suddenly shown renewed interest in her dollhouse – and she’s been asking lots of questions about my old dollhouse too! It’s currently waiting for her at my parents house under a big tarp. She’s never seen it, and it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I’m kind of curious to see what crazy […]

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worth 1000 words: paper forest

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I could really use a little bit of the peace and solitude this midnight forest offers up. See Sonia Poli and more at All About Paper Cutting.

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rest your weary head right here

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Keeping Birdie from melting down is feeling like a full-time job this summer. Between the lack of routine, warm weather, and random summer indulgences (like popsicles and a trip to the fair), she’s begun to think every day is a big fat adventure waiting to happen. Throw in the fact that she could probably still […]

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swing away the afternoon

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Oh to be a child, sitting in a swing, wandering through a sunlit afternoon – with someone to push you. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Especially if you can avoid those rather garish plastic toddler swings we’ve all been around for years. Or, maybe you add a swing to the corner of your kitchen to lend a helping hand […]

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worth 1000 words: capsule lamp

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For the most important of collections (rocks? stamps? gum?) The Capsule Lamp might just do the trick, though it comes with it’s own vending machine toys if you need them.

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dancing with their tippy toes

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Teddy bears, bunnies, or sweet girls in tutus? Which would you prefer? With Mini Boheme, you have all of these options and more. Created by hand in naturally dyed organic linen,, Mini Boheme dolls feature hand stitched faces, beautiful fabric accents, and eco corn fiber filling. You can add a beautifully embroidered name onto their little […]

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can you say vroooooom?

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There is something so seductive about a good car. Give me the old school, curvaceous, corner-hugging, low-slung race cars of the ages. Iconic, that’s the word I’m looking for! These Playforever Racing Cars have all those boxes checked off and then some. As they tell it: “Playforever Toys have been engineered to last. Manufactured from […]

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go fish with us

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We just returned from a weekend in my parents’ camper – oh my god we had so much fun hanging with our family! During downtimes, Birdie has become obsessed with playing Go Fish. We have a deck from Hello Kitty, but her cousins have this hilarious Go Fish game from Eeboo – aren’t these fish sweet? And […]

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the green tones of music

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There is a beautiful-to-look-at and beautifully-made new line of wooden toys for kids: Green Tones toys are sustainably made, child development focused, and so sweet to look at too! Musical instrument toys for the pre-k set can be pretty bland, but these have both the great design cues we love, and the real-life musical functionality […]

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iimo trikes for your tots

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I’m such a sap when it comes to tricycles, I can still remember the big red trike when I was little, it’s one of those things you never forget. Even though I have a feeling I didn’t ride it all that much, it’s one of those still images from early childhood that’s burned forever into […]

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stage and play

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Sometimes I love a product before I’ve even read the description. Such was the case with these Stage & Play sets from Chronicle Books. It’s either  the retro illustrations, the pack it up and take it anywhere pieces with their very own drawer, or the open-ended storytelling. Nope, it’s actually a combination of all of those things. […]

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which animal are you?

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Pretend play makes me so very happy. Well, I’m happier when I’m watching it happen – it’s kind of hard to really get into pretend play as an adult. Sad but true, right? Maybe we just haven’t found the right accessory. These printed canvas masks from the Lucky Fish Shop look like just the thing […]

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everyday to extraordinary: make these tea cups for your next tea party

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I recently visited the Children’s Museum of The Arts New York as a guest of American Express to learn about the new Amex EveryDay Credit Card (which I am an ambassador for). The current exhibit was all about the artful collection of everyday objects, and it reminded me that it’s possible to turn everyday things […]

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