get the goods for your kiddos this summer

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We’re in our second week of summer break and already I’ve heard the phrase “Mom, I’m bored”. AND she didn’t eat a single bite of her lunch yesterday either, for who knows what reason! Sound familiar? Fellow blogger Amy Christie knows this problem inside out – and has come up with a solution to help all […]

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make bathtime the bomb

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Does anyone else have kids who really don’t want to take a bath? It’s like it’s taking precious time away from their all-day playtime! Birdie is one of those kids. Bath time can be a battleground of “Not right now” and “I’ll do it after x,y, and z!”. But guess what, I’ve found a secret […]

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dress it up with dollisimo

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What’s a doll if it doesn’t have the right wardrobe, am I right? Dollisimo clearly knows the importance of doll clothes. Her sweet (and affordable!!) dolls come with several clothing items – skirts, shirts, sweaters, bags, teddy bears – which are all mix and matchable and very cool chick chique. I also love the mother-daughter […]

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birds of a feather

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Have the birds returned to your neighborhood? One of my favorite things about Spring is hearing the birds chirping like crazy early in the morning and whenever I leave our windows open. It’s this noisy symbol that the natural world is coming alive and I cherish it! It’s a perfect time to remember how much we […]

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animals in turtlenecks are cuter

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Have you ever seen a unicorn in a dinner jacket before? You haven’t? Well, today you’re in for a real treat! Rosey Rag Doll makes some of the cutest well-clothed stuffed animals you ever did see. Infinty scarves, neckties, glasses, plaid pants: these animals are stylin’. Plus, they’re super cute all over the place, handmade with […]

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stack it high, stack it low, stack it to and fro

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How would you build the ultimate sandwich? What about your kiddos? I have a feeling Birdie’s idea of an ideal mouthful would be very very different than mine. With this awesome prototype sandwich stacker from Studio Fludd, it kinda feels like the sky’s the limit. I’m starting with the pepperoni – no, no, wait, the […]

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roly poly pals to snuggle

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Sometimes stuffed toys just have too many limbs, amiright? You never noticed? Well Saint Angel Productions noticed, and they have swiftly rectified the situation with these adorable armless, legless creations. Honestly, you won’t miss the arms and legs at all – those cute faces and squishy bodies are all you need to hug.

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bringing STEM to your kids the fun way

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When life gives you lemons, make more than lemonade. Support the next generation of female scientists with StemBox powered by Green Works! With only 1 in every 1,000 girls pursuing STEM careers, Green Works is looking for unique and fun ways to continue inspiring young girls to pursue a career in science. Through a partnership […]

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ever heard of babyoshka?

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Nesting dolls are such a wonderful tradition wouldn’t you agree? Check out the Latest from Omm Design and illustrator Ingela Arrhenius – these sweet Babyoshka. Omm Design already sells several different modern (and awesome) matryoshka sets, and now they’ve added these squat, baby-fied versions to, ahem, “round” things out. Choose from either the animal set […]

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love your sweet dollface

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I suppose the official term for these beauties is rag dolls. But I have a hard time putting those words with these dolls! Reminding me of very refined dolls by Jess Brown, these sweethearts from Dollface are a tad bit more affordable. Also, they have a little more glitter and whimsy that’s extra endearing to the […]

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best toys for spring playtime!

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Are you ready for Spring? It’s that time of year when all of last year’s toys are unearthed out of the garage, only to find them broken, faded, dirty, or the wrong age for the kids you now have! That’s one of the reasons I love Easter baskets and egg hunts. No matter what your […]

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finding the foundlings

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First of all, I am very very very jealous of Regina’s gorgeous studio. Take a peek at her Instagram feed and you can see some recent photos of it – I may just have to steal it all. Secondly, I may also be jealous of her beautiful Foundling stuffed toys. Her Etsy shop, Oh Albatross […]

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round about: velvet books & roller skates

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Usually this post would be scheduled beforehand, so it would pop up ready-formed at 6 am sharp Friday morning – the better to catch you before your day gets crazy. But, now that I’ve added yoga into my weekly schedule, it’s interfering with my usual Friday post-prep timeslot. Hm. I’ll need to think about how […]

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TOTO: stacking toy turned totem

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News alert – Rock and Pebble has done it again! How is it something so disarmingly simple can keep my eyes coming back to it again and again? Check out the new TOTO Toy Totem set from Rock and Pebble. It’s a Totem Toy, where you stack and unstack the shapes to create tall towers, […]

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come one, come all, to the “Lauvely” seashore circus

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These sweet stuffed friends have all kinds of magic packed into their soft bodies. Handknit with 100% lambswool, each pal features just enough unique detail to feel very special. But I think each of these friends from Lauvely have stories that are just as cute. Mermaid Marina builds the best sandcastles, and loves to listen to […]

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