the great wide interwebs #8

by mari

Republic Bikes Plato Dutch Retro Bike

Another week. Gone. June is now fading fast. Once again the end of the month hits and I realize there were so many things – big, life-balance things – that I never got around to because that tangible to-do list kept interfering. Blast you, work, you suck up all my free time. Every summer (funny, I accidentally typed “Somewhere” instead of summer, what’s my subconscious trying to tell me?!) I make an unooficial list of “Things To Do This Summer” and somehow I keep thinking summer hasn’t started yet and then it’s September. On the list this year? Going to the beach (lake!) with Birdie on a regular basis (haven’t done it yet) .Going to parades with Birdie (haven’t done it yet). Going to the playground (only been there twice). So. I’ve got some work to do – beyond emails, invoices, timesheets, new concepting, and the ever-present procrastinating.

But for now, the small pleasures: I’ve seen some great things round the interwebs and here’s our list for the week:

  • (shown above) This is the bike I ride in my dreams, while toodling around the Netherlands with my daughter (in her Netherlandish glasses, of course), a picnic basket and a nonchalant air of satisfaction. via Frecklewonder.
  • Some easy-peasy downloadable coloring pages of the beach which reminds me that I should be designing some of those for Small for Big! (it’s on the longer, slightly less-tangible to-do list). via Erin Vale Design.
  • An inspiring tale of a trip to the museum with a 6 year old and a modern mom who says she’s not cosmopolitan but really she is in the most approachable way. I’d like to be her someday soon. via Modern Kiddo.
  • Juime German dolls, clothing, and accessories that I unfortunately can’t pronounce but I can love with my eyes.
  • These wrapped string creations are the kind of free-form, free-thinking ,reminds-me-of-my-boho-artist-grandma projects that I hope I do tons of with my daughter. via Aesthetic Outburst.

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1 Erin at Vale Design June 25, 2010 at 4:23 pm

What a nice Friday surprise! Thank you for linking to our Beach Printables!


2 Miz Big June 26, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Thanks Erin – and thanks for sharing them!


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