honk if you’re ready for spring

by mari

Old-Fashioned Classic Rubber Bulb Bike Horns

Ok. That’s it. There’s more snow in today’s forecast, and I’ve decided to go into complete denial-mode. It’s time to entertain some hardcore alternative mindsets. It’s going to be sunny, green, and a balmy 75 degrees inside my head for the rest of the week. No matter what the so-called reality might be!

To help with that? Some classic, old-fashioned Rubber Bulb Bike Horns. I can’t wait to get on a bike this spring! This set of 3 bike horns has got to include at least one with the exact tone and pitch I’m craving. I may even give one to Birdie to play with. But I will definitely buy a set for my three nephews. There’s a small, medium, and large (called the Tuba! ha!) perfect for the boys: 2, 4, and 6 years old. (And to the boys’ parents? Please forget you read this!)

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