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by mari

Chunky Chooky Funky Modern Upcycled Baby Rattles and Plushies

Kooky Australian brand Chunky Chooky Rattles make me smile a little bigger on yet another (snowy) Monday morning. Baby safe and much cooler than the crap in the baby aisle at Tar-shay, n’est pas? Plus, they’re made from upcycled materials and eco corn fiber filling (that’s no polyfill, peeps, and way cool). I wish I’d had one of these when Birdie was wee, the combo of soft texturey fabrics and hard wood would have been great for early teething.

Plus, Cath is one of those multi-faceted girls after my own heart. See the Chunky Chooky website for a full list, but you just have to take a peek at her beautiful one-of-a-kind map pillows from My Bearded Pigeon. I could see a birthplace pillow as the perfect addition for your kiddo’s room (and one for our overseas wedding seems like a hot ticket too … hmmm. anniversary gift solved?)

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