gotta get app: Granimator

by mari

iPad and iPhone Best Wallpaper Art and Design App ever - Granimator

Now this is my kind of app. A cross between stickers, grafitti art, high-falluttin’ design, and good ol’ free fun, Granimator lets you draw and design an endless combination of wallpapers for your iPad or iPhone. This app from UK-based Ustwo features art packs from a range of artists: you pick your pack, pick from dozens of backgrounds, “stamps” and color palettes, then start creating. It’s really intuitive, a wee bit addictive, and the sound effects for each stamp make it sweet to listen to as well. Kidlets could spend lots of time creating their own images – which you can then share on the Grallery if you so desire. This app may be a bit much for younger tots, but I’m betting kids over 5 would love it. And of course, that includes me and all of you design-loverin’ adults too. (see a demo video from Granimator).

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