free printable elephant and rabbit masks!

by mari

Free Printable Downloadable Halloween Play Masks for Kids and Adults - Elephant and Rabbit/Bunny

How about some freebies for all of you and all of your friends? Okay. I do soooo aim to please! I designed these Elephant and Rabbit Printable Masks to be easy on the eyes, of course, but also easy for you to download, print, and wear. Instant Costume Gratification. Good? Good!

Sized for toddlers on up (they fit my head, so they’re should fit yours too!) each mask is a quick download and print away from being yours to wear as is, or customize with some added glitter, fur, ribbons, paint, stickers, sequins, or whatever else you might think of. So get your speed-demon DIY on, pick your elephant or rabbit, and find your printer. Cut them out, string them with string/yarn/ribbon/twine/elastic, and wear them with pride!

Click these links to open a pdf of your mask in a new window – then print:

And I would LOVE to see all of you in your masks, so share your best photo poses with all of us over on our Small for Big Facebook page! 





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