and so the haunted season begins …

by mari

Halloween Free Printable Paper Masks for kids - Elephant and Rabbit or Bunny

I was up way past my bedtime all weekend long, and now Birdie has an exploded case of the heebie jeebies (fear of the dark!) and it’s keeping all of us up at night when she joins us in our bed. I’m a little worried about Halloween actually! But right now, I’m beat. So very very beat. I had another plan for today’s post, but it’s just not gonna make it. Which means you’ll have to check in again – because it’s a goodie. A DIY goodie, in fact.

But for today, let’s revisit some of my favorite masks ever. Starting with my own free printable masks.
Download your own elephant or bunny mask here!

Or, take a peek at this list of DIY masks from Pinterest – I really love the cardboard creativity. Wowsa.

And we need to look at my top picks for best classic masks, like these felt masks below.

If your kids are already asking “Is it Halloween yet?” then you need to break out this Googly Eye Photo Mask DIY project. It’ll get everyone laughing.

Ok, time for my nap … yeah, right. That’ll be the day!

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