gotta get app: Peek-A-Boo aliens

by mari

Peek-A-Boo Find the Hidden UFO Aliens iPad Mac App

Watching my almost three year old with any iPad app is fascinating. It truly is such an intuitive tool for her. Take this Peek-A-Boo Find the Hidden UFO’s app ($1.99). Obviously it’s beautiful to look at, but Birdie can navigate through the entire thing, without help from me. She even knows how to “cheat”: getting hints from the app to find the hidden little aliens. Me, I’m particularly fond of their funny little helium voices.

There are several levels – she hasn’t even hit half of them yet, and those sneaky little imps keep changing their hiding places every time you enter a level! It’s not too tough, but with enough mystery, great music,and fun interactive bits to keep it interesting. They even make a desktop version for you true Mac Addicts out there!


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