getting to know Santa Claus

by mari

Retro Stuffed Screenprinted Handmade Santa Doll for kids on Etsy

Birdie will turn three years old a mere thirteen days after Christmas. Last year, Santa, though cheery in her picture books, was a rather fearful creature in real life (particularly on the day he wore jingle bells all the way down his front). Last night we were watching a little bit of The Santa Clause (I know, I know, it should have been a more classic option, but it happened to be on TV … she woke up early from her nap … and I kinda have a soft spot for that movie. Cringe.). Anyway, she became so moved by Santa that she teared up at the end, she was just so sorry to see him go.

I think it’s the perfect time to bring home one of Jane Foster’s Retro Santa Dolls ($19). She needs something to hold on to for the next Chrstimas movie. Someone who might listen to all of her earnest Christmas List making, without interfering with her big imagination by being too real. I could also be easily convinced to add in a Scandi Christmas Angel ($19), a Retro Christmas Stocking ($19), or maybe a couple of Scandinavian Bunny Toys ($24),or Kitty Cats ($19).

And may I just mention, Christmas is already about a squillion times better this year thanks to her. Seeing all that wonder in one little face makes all my momma-love tingle.

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