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Top Toys and Gifts for Kids and Tweens this Holiday Christmas Season

We’re moving through the ages at a rapid pace – almost as fast the kids themselves grow up. Today’s gift guide is for all those kids 5 and older, with all their smarts and skills and energy and verve. What’s on your list for the 5 and up’s in your life? Make sure to share it in the comments!

There’s something for every age in this list, but don’t forget to check out ALL of the Gift Guides, and see this year’s Guides in the tab above – that’s 3 years and over 200 toys and gifts for every kid and every holiday! Heck, bookmark these for birthdays too.

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1. Ridley’s Pinhole Camera Kit, $10.50 – This 25 piece kit makes an old-school camera that takes the coolest atmospheric shots – totally cool in the retro camera world, by the way. Just grab some film – and explain what it is to your kid – and off you go.
2. Recycled Cotton Fox (or Raccoon) Stole, $28 – For the foresty fashionista in your life, these guys are simply adorable. Plus, there’s matching hats and mittens too!
3. Spycam Video Pen Camera, $69.99 – Perhaps a little spendier than your average kid-friendly spygear, this pen’s got the chops to get the real work done. Totally incognito.
4.  Mochi – Kitsu the Fox, $12 – Several of these animals (from sushi to goldfish to kitties)  strewn across a bedroom will be the epitome of Cuuuyuuute!
5. Palette, $24.95 – A color memory game after every designer’s fastly beating heart. Test your ability to match and remember colors with this fast paced game. I can’t wait to try it!
6. Perplexus, $25 – We gave this to my 6 year old nephew for his birthday and it was the thing to play with for the entire party. It’s a maze and brainteaser meant to challenge your ability to move a tiny metal ball through lots of obstacles. Now he wants the next level up as well, the Perplexus Epic!
7. Eye-Can Art Collage Printmaking Kit, $24.98 – Beautiful art-making kit that gives your kids real tools and materials, not the foam and the popsicle sticks.
8. 6 Marble Planets-in-a-Pouch & Detailed Earth Marble, $12.98 each – For $25 you can have the Galaxy, Mars, Venus, Mercury, a small Earth and a large Earth all in the palm of your hand. I can see this taking a place of honor in any kiddo’s room.
9. T-Rex Aluminum Kit, $14.99 – Now this is a kit worth finishing. You’ll also find a Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and several very mean looking bugs. It’s like Jurassic Park meets Terminator, who doesn’t love that?
10. Constructagons, $59.98 – Build whatever your great big mind can think up – with shelves and windows and walls and more.

11. Loopdedoo Accessories Kit, $34.99 – Friendship Bracelets are definitely worth exploring, but this set moves one step up, adding twisting and coiling to the mix for a very beautiful bracelet.
12. The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, Taschen edition, $24 – The best-loved stories, from a well-loved publisher, all featuring carefully researched illustrations from the 1850’s – 1950’s. This is one for your dreamer, and I think I need a copy too.
13.  Harry Potter Hollow Book Safe, $46 – What better gift for a lover of the secret and magical? There are many books to choose from if Potter is not your thing too. Magnetic closures give it that extra cache.
14. Inverse Family Game, $24.99 – A simple concept, place your 5 pieces on the board without touching another piece, is a little more complicated when you add an opponent.
15. Avenir Deluxe Unicycle, $68.99 – For the extreme sport type who needs a new challenge? I give you the unicycle.
16. Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Machines, $69.99 – 182 pieces, 10 different model possibilities, and six button infrared remote control? Awesome sauce.
17. Artterro Canvas Storybook, $26.99 – Eco-friendly, produced in the USA, high quality, and includes hand-dyed batik fabrics and artist quality Solucryl paint for an art afternoon that rivals any spendy art class.
18. EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Small Sphere, $59 – A miniature sea environment with little teeny shrimp and hardly any maintenance will keep your kids fascinated. I don’t think there could be an easier first pet. (except a pet rock)

Happy Holidays everyone! What’s on your wishlists this year? Share some more great finds in the comments!

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