oh go outside & ogobild something

by mari

Ogosport Ogobild construction building toy innovative open-ended active outdoor play for kids

Ok, maybe you don’t need to go outside if you’re in the far North like we are. But the phrase “Oh Go Outside” IS the story behind the name: Ogobild.  We’re looking for cabin fever busters around our neck of the woods, and Ogobild’s creative construction concepts are just right. Not only do you get the joy of open-ended building with some unique attachments, but in the end you have a new “toy” that is capable of doing something: bouncing, standing, interacting with your child, etc.

There are several different sized playsets of the Ogobild toys. I’d recommend the OgoBild Nexus, $32.99, for aliens, monsters, and the like. Or, the OgoSport OgoBild 58, $24.99, with multiple pieces of the same parts, seems more focused on making balls and non-character objects.

We also love the looks of their large OgoBild POD, which I featured in this year’s Annual Gift Guides. Make your own indoor forts, pyramids, and other structures for $40! I’ve heard it would be even better with 2 sets, but you can save that for the next big snow fall.

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