are we there yeti?

by mari

Top five stuffed winter yeti plush toys for kids

We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter around here, and yet I can’t stop thinking about Yetis. Big, furry, warm-hearted beasts to go with my new fur-lined boots. Let me share some of my favorites with you, these may be appearing in my snow-filled dreams this very evening:

(image above) Little Moog, from Hollow Shells, $50.

Cotton – Monsters for Adoption, from Bee Wiggle Shoppee, $24.

Large Baby Yeti, from Vuduberi, $35.

White Frost Monster, from Stuffed Silly, $70.

Black and Grey Monster, from Monster Magic, $47

Yeti Hat (sizes S – XL!), from Casey Bot, $35

Which one is your favorite? What’s the best winter wonderland toy you’ve seen this year?

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