gotta get app: Blöki

by mari

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for kids - Bloki

There is something so addictive about a simple iPad/iPhone app that’s done well. With Blöki, I just enjoy interacting with the physics, listening to the sound of the wood blocks, and enjoying the open-ended play that’s stays real in a virtual reality.

Yes, of course, real blocks are best. But next time you’re at a restaurant, in the car, or stuck in some other modern-world situation, may I suggest Blöki for your children? You won’t lose any blocks in the process either. I also like building an impossible tower with teetering triangular points, then hit the unlock button and watch them tumble thanks to the “realities” of gravity! This app has simple but quality functionality for $0.99, plus, I hear they’re adding more block styles/textures and backgrounds in future updates.



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