leggo my trigo!

by mari

recycled upcycled handmade bicycle tire pouches from Trigo on Etsy

Did you see our advent calendar this year? Aside from the activities and some handmade things from me, my favorite advent gift for Birdie was one of these recycled pouches ($9 – $15) from a local fave: Trigo. Awesome, right? Recycled bicycle tires, cute little stamped images, and that perfect red tongue! (and by the way, no, it does not get stuck in the zipper. Really.)

There’s something really satisfying about that rubber pouch when it’s filled with heavy things like quarters or marbles or maybe rocks. We know this literally, thanks to direct physical observation and repeated dumping and filling. You could even be practical and get a Trigo Pouch with velcro straps and reflective stripes to attach to your bike, if that’s your thing. What would you put in your Trigo?

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1 salman June 7, 2012 at 11:49 pm

So many cute ones to choose from but I still like the large monogram, nice and simple! And if I won, it’s the only one my 13 year old son would allow me to put in his room!kids wall decals


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