get your art on with the MoMA Art Lab App

by mari

MoMA Art Lab app for iPad - great art teaching tool for kids to learn

This app is just in time for our summer vacation. Though I’m working hard to ensure we have lots of hands-on real world creative time, the cool thing about MoMA’s Art Lab app for iPad is the educational tie-ins to major works of art with creative activities to explore. It’s not just another drawing/painting app.

Here, kids can create a sound composition, draw with scissors, make a line design, collaborate on a group drawing, create a shape poem or make a chance collage. It includes audio for pre-readers like my little girl, a gallery of all images, and the ability to share things (turn that functionally on or off depending on your preference). The Art Lab App is $4.99, which is on the high end, but between MoMA’s backing and the functionality I can see just from the description? I’m ready to play with it already.

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