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by mari

Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime book for strong girls

Do you have a stubborn pirate-in-training who thinks bedtime is for landlubbers? Birdie swings wildly back and forth on this subject. Some weeks she’s an angelic munchkin, and other weeks … ahem. Nothing but a nightmare. But Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime is a quick read on the importance of sleeping. Because when Charlotte Jane the Hearty manages to resist sleep for an entire night, she looses her “formidable oomph”. And that, my fellow landlubbers, causes some major problems.

Myra Wolfe’s piratey lingo throughout Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime makes it a joy to read, and the illustrations by Maria Monescillo romp alongside the irreverent text. I’m hopeful all the lingo will rub off and we can “arr” like pirates all week long!

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