top 5 dollhouses for your holidays

by mari

Top 5 modern wood doll houses for kids this holiday season

I wish I could buy a new dollhouse every Christmas – it’s like the epitome of Santa Claus all put together with 4 walls and a roof. But, since we already splurged on a super-discounted Edward House from Brinca Dada last year, this year I’ll be living vicariously through a blog post like this one.

I would explain why these dollhouses are my favorite picks, but I think you can probably tell just from looking at them. These are all unique, modern options. Yes, they do cost more than the Barbie dollhouse at Walmart, but if you’re reading Small for Big, I have a feeling you’re okay with that!

  1. Dylan House, Brinca Dada, $149 -there’s  furniture available too!
  2. Chelsea House, Lille Huset, $60 – these houses are all about DIY customization.
  3. MOD Playhouse, $155 and up – made for boys and girls, this house is ready for superheroes AND fairies.
  4. Modern Dollhouse, Land of Nod, $199 – This house nests inside itself for easy storage.
  5. Stackhouse home, Toideloi, $1130 and up – Stack up several different options – castles, barns, and houses!

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1 Kym May 16, 2015 at 10:34 pm

do you happen to have the assembly instructions for the Edward house?


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