a little name with big potential

by mari

Little Name Design Wooden Retro Vintage cool Lunch Pail for Kids

When I first saw these sweet little things, I wasn’t certain if they were vintage or new. That’s a very good thing if you ask me. I’m a sucker for  quality. What’s the phrase … if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? I think we can all list some examples of toys that didn’t listen to that particular golden rule. Little Name Design took that rule, and broke it. She’s managed to create kids things that are both old and new at the same time.

Little Name Design is a small collection created by Alexis G. Mcvicker, a gal with a varied and jealousy-inducing history working for the likes of Anthropologie and teaching fashion design. Each item has a bit of cleverness that is the hallmark of good product design, with the simple solutions and natural finishes that keep it grounded in that realm of made-long-ago. The prices are super affordable too. Which means you could pick up a Little Lunch Pail ($25), Little Laces ($7), Little Game ($18), and Little Coasters ($15) for a grand total of $65. Yeah, I think I’m putting all of them on our wishlists.

Stay tuned – I’ll be a whirling Alt Summit Dervish Wednesday through Friday this week, and posting when I can!

Thanks to Dottie for the great heads up on Little Name Design.

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