putting the j in junior

by mari

Jonathan Adler Junior Jr - Owl Pillow

I’ve always thought Jonathan Adler really likes to play with his design approach. His style has been ready for kids decor and upbeat interiors for years. But now it’s verified: he has introduced us to Jonathan Adler Junior! They’ve even quietly included some of his existing line into the Junior category on his site, which just hammers home that point I already made: Mr. Adler has always liked to play.

So now you can officially bring Jonathan into your kids rooms without any excuses – as if you needed even one measly little excuse to add some of his signature color and mod style into your lives. Some of the pricing seems out of whack – sorry Jonny Boy, but I’m not paying $248 for a crocheted owl (see below) even though I love him with all of my heart. However, most of Adler Junior pillows, for example, are affordably under $100.

I’d be happy to bring some of his Junior line into my living room, and his regular line into Birdie’s room too, just to be playfully backwards. Why not, I think he’d embrace the idea, how about you?

See the entire Jonathan Adler Junior line for banks, rugs, storage, blankets and more.


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