round about: human pianos & dreamy boars

by mari

This week's picks include a wood and brass washi tape dispenser, DIY fabri scrap garland, diy felt foliage garland, easy nightmare remedies, bricks and paper art prints, and the human piano mario bros. video.

I feel like a bear coming slowly out of hibernation:  blinking at the bright lights and the very long list of things I’ve been putting off for months! I think this happens every year. Spring finally shows up , my mood improves and my will power slowly returns. Then I look back at January, February,and March and think, how the heck did I get so little done? This year, it also feels like Birdie and I need some good quality time too. I swear, we haven’t sat down and done a good art project together in weeks. Time to remedy that asap! How about the rest of you? Are you waking up from your Winter sleep?

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