animals and creatures and dolls oh my!

by mari

Jess Quinn Art Dolls - Apple Birdy Toys

Jess Quinn is such an inspiration. I can hardly pick out only a few of her creations, her Etsy shop currently has 199 of them, and they’re all pretty damn amazing. She has such a unique perspective – it’s both completely endearing and a wee bit odd.

But one of my favorite things about Quinn is how clearly she follows what interests her. The shop selection is always changing. Instead of focusing on one style, one medium, or even one category, Jess Quinn manages to dive in to pom pom animals, shrinky dink corsages, classic ragdolls, and crazy completely cuckoo stuffed animals with equal aplomb. She follows the beat of her own loco little drummer, and for that, I think I have a major girl crush on her.

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