DIY: wooden block photo holders

by Bar

DIY wood block photo holder ~ easy handmade holiday gift | small for big

If you have $20 and know how to use a drill, you can make 12 of these super cool photo holders! They are not only easy to make, they are an absolute necessity in our house. We live with real photographs everywhere. Each month they get switched out, depending on birthdays or holidays. (This set that I am sharing is from our summer trip last year. I love creating a vacation display in the winter when the days are so short and dark.) I’m digging these photo holders because they compliment the photos, and are a nice natural look.

DIY wood block photo holders ~ easy handmade holiday gift | small for big


~ Wooden blocks, made of a solid wood like maple. I found mine on Etsy and they were 2″ square. The shop I used is currently taking a vacation (of course!), but they are not hard to find. Here is a link to sets of four blocks.

~ A drill and a pencil.

~ Clothespins found at any hardware store, or Amazon.

~ Washi tape (optional) to decorate the clothespins. I trimmed the tape to fit evenly on the clothespin.


~ Start by finding the middle of the wooden block. I eyeballed, but it might be good to measure.

~ Then, mark off with a pencil where the ends of the clothespin meet the block.

~ Next, find a drill bit that is the width of your markings. Drill one hole on either end of your marking, then one in the middle. This part is slightly tricky. You have to move and wiggle the drill around a bit in order to carve out the whole line. It does not take much skill, just patience. You might have to hold the block with your other hand and drill sideways a little, too. Just move it around for a minute.

~ Drill the other side.

~ You are done! Clip on your photo, then place the ends of the clothespin into your drilled out holes. So simple and pretty.

DIY wood block photo holders ~ easy handmade holiday gift | small for big

DIY wood block photo holders ~ easy handmade holiday gift | small for big

There are so many ways to embellish these even more. You could dye the blocks & clothespins, or paint the blocks (gold paint would be pretty). You could have the kids paint the blocks, or use washi tape on them in neon colors. You could glue jewels on them, or wrap them in yarn. So many possibilities, it’s hard to choose!

The photos are from my Instagram feed. I used Printstagram for my square prints and I love the quality.

Give it a try, and have a happy monday!

xo, Bar

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1 Deanna - Busy Little Bird September 8, 2015 at 12:35 pm

These photo blocks are such a cute idea! I have included them in my latest blog post – DIY Gift Ideas. Thank you!


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