round about: double exposed & construction dresses

by mari

This week's best links online include st. patrick's rainbow diy, double exposure photos, diy paper dresses, watercolor doodles, kids perspective, cozy coupe.

I think everyone in the northern half of the globe is having a rough winter, at least, that’s what the news is implying. But man, it’s like the land of never-ending winter here – where’s the evil Snow Queen? Why can’t we get rid of her already? It’s putting all of us on edge. And to all the shops and blogs and emails that are suddenly sprouting all things spring? You’re making matters worse. (okay, I’m doing it too, what else are we gonna do but dream of what’s coming? At least, what we hope is coming? Please?)

Round about the internet this week, my favorite links were:

  •  Dear Merrilee, your creative mind just floors me. eraser stamp rainbow via Mer Mag.
  • I want to rock some double exposures – especially these summer soaked beauties. via The Fox is Black.
  • It’s all over the web this week – what an awesome mother/daughter duo! via Swiss Miss.
  • I want to be as free with my painting and doodling as she is. via Jess Quinn.
  • The sweetest reminder of a kid’s perspective. via Beautiful Hello.
  • This dad has too much time on his hands. via Babyology.

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