round about: look around & swing on rings

by mari

Top links online this week include: wood pizza DIY, desktop wallpaper, 100 questions family game, flowering bulbs, custom family portrait, indoor play gyms.

This year is turning into a whirlwind of good things. I can’t even keep them all straight anymore. The only wrench in the works is normally my workload dies down around the Holidays, and I look forward to enjoying the season. Not this year! I think this year I may be buying Christmas gifts at the 24 hour gas station on Christmas Eve. Lets hope that’s not the case, but hey, if it happens, it happens – there are too many good things happening right now to second guess it!

Meanwhile, round about the internet this week:

  • I really want to go work with some fresh wood now. Pizza DIY via A Beautiful Mess.
  • I just got a new computer SQUEE! and I need to pretty it up with some wallpaper. via Design Love Fest.
  • I think my husband wouuld hate this, but i’d really enjoy playing 100 questions. via Swiss Miss.
  • It’s that time of year – time to force some big beautiful flowers out of ugly old bulbs. via Domaphile.
  • Maybe this is the year we do a custom family portrait, how about you? via Etsy.
  • Radical kids decor is right up my radical alley. via Remodelista.

And, there are new Christmas ornaments on Smallful as of late last night – check out the scenic dioramas, the silly smiling tree and Santa, or get a bundle of all 4 ornaments on sale!

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