spotlight: top 10 toys from my sweet muffin

by mari

top 10 holiday toys and gifts for kids from My Sweet Muffin

Sometimes I have the urge to hoard all of my “secret” sources for great new toy finds. If I told you where I find everything, then I’m deeply afraid you’ll stop needing me and this blog. Super needy, I know. And a little paranoid.

I’m turning over a new leaf. Today, let’s take a peek at one of my all-time favorite kids websites. My Sweet Muffin is the site I go to first when looking for presents for all the kids I know. I can gaurantee I’ll find some of my favorite toys there, alongside new finds I haven’t even heard of before. Here are some of my current favorite toys for the holidays – there’s a range of prices and age ranges in this list, hopefully you’ll find something perfect for the kids on your list!

  1. Stack and Scare blocks
  2. House Shape Sorter
  3. Mobilehome dollhouse
  4. Magnetic Alphabet Puzzle Book
  5. Cinema Box with Projector and Screen
  6. Ballerina Bunny (in kid sizes!)
  7. Pirate Ship playset
  8. Midi Race Car Clyde Midnight
  9. Lucy Owl Stuffed Doll
  10. Max Raccoon Stuffed Doll

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