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by mari

Chasing Wallpaper - Removable wallpaper -Modern Wallpaper for Kids Decor | Small for Big

I have been a firm wallpaper-hater for years. I’ve seen too many home improvement shows where someone else’s decor choices mean backbreaking labor for the new homeowners! Why would I ever want to choose something so permanent for my walls? I’m too indecisive for that.

Chasing Paper Removable Wallpaper for kids rooms

Luckily, I’ve found Chasing Paper. They make removable wallpaper. Actually, they make “stylish removable wallpaper”. Even better, right? Their newest collection of patterns is actually a collaboration with June & January (formerly known as Little Hip Squeaks). It’s no surprise I love these prints, because I already loved BOTH companies.

Chasing Paper Removable Wallpaper for kids rooms

So now, that accent wall is a quick fix, the powder room can have a new pattern faster than fast, and most importantly – your kid’s room can keep up with their ever-changing passions! When you want to change your mind a year from now (or when they do!), you have my permission to take it down easily and painlessly!

Chasing Paper Removable Wallpaper for kids rooms

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