munching with your munchkins

by mari

Munch Cupboard Hero Feeding Set - Baby Plates and Cups - Toddler Feeding | Small for Big

Toddlers and food. They may be cute, and say funny things, and squish you tight over and over, but toddlers can be little terrors when it comes to food!

munch cupboard hero feeding set for baby and toddlers

I can’t guarantee that the Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set will calm the savage beast that is your toddler saying nononononono. But, at least it’s cute enough that your time staring at the food will be a little easier on the eyes. This set might just make you feel like the Hero it claims to be. It includes a cup with handles for easy grabbing, baby-sized plate and spoon, fork, bowl, and a non slip mat to keep items on the table and off of the floor (until your toddler picks them up and throws them, of course). All in all, I think it’s one of your best bets at mealtime.

munch cupboard hero feeding set for baby and toddlers

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