coffee table + dollhouse

by mari

Qubis Haus Dollhouse - Family and Kids Furniture - Coffee table dollhouse | Small for Big

If you’re like most parents, one of the most frustrating hurdles of kids and their stuff is the way everything spreads. Through every room in the house, constantly.

Modern coffee table and dollhouse

Maybe instead of trying to corral it, and cajole back into the the kids’ rooms, we just need to find a better way to “hide” it in plain sight? It would certainly save a lot of energy. Probably avoid a lot of arguments too. We could start with one of the biggest toys around: the dollhouse. Check out this gorgeous modern coffee table that doubles as a doll house by Qubis Design. When you’re sitting on the sofa, I bet the top of it even blocks most of the inside so you won’t even notice the dramas going beneath!

Modern coffee table and dollhouse

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