round about: pineapple crowns & rainbow hotels

by mari

This Week's top links online include Pineapple crown diy, cucumber snails for kids, beehive jewelry tray, vegan ice cream, Alt Summit New Location, and Kids Room Inspirations.

Today is Birdie’s last day of First Grade. Holy Hannah how is that possible? My husband keeps telling her she’s basically a second grader and that is making my head want to explode. Meanwhile, every freelance project for the month suddenly needs to be doe ttoday at noon so that I’m not pulling my hair out next week trying to get work done while she’s home wanting to play with me. Though, these days, this big girl/second grader is much more interested in playing with the neighbors or watching her dang iPad. It’s going to be an interesting summer around here. How are you guys preparing for the big transition?

Meanwhile, round about the internet this week:

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