storing keepsakes just got beautiful

by mari

Baby Keepsake Storage - Baby Memories Box - Custom Memento Storage | Small for Big

Get rid of those plastic tubs, and the fraying fabric bins from the big box stores. I have your new storage system.


Baby mementos are some of the most precious things – to parents as we keep them, and to kids when they grow up. They give us history, placement, memory, permanence. Don’t put them in plastic bins. Put them in a Savor storage box. These systems are beautiful – every detail has been thought out.


Using handcrafted custom-dyed fabrics, special drawers, labels, folders, and envelopes, this system has all of your important first memories covered. Then, as we get older, graduate from Savor’s Baby Keepsake Box to the School Years Keepsake Box, with lots of folders for all of those important school memories.  The system is all color coordinated, and the prices are relatively reasonable, considering the priceless treasures they hold!

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1 Jenny February 7, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Thanks for the lovely write-up! We’re glad you enjoyed The Library. We invented it for busy moms just like you who want something easy and stylish!


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