3 of the Best Activity Sites for Kids

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Today’s Post is from our favorite guest contributor, Chris. I always love hearing what he does with his two boys – because they are such smarty pants! (And though these sites aren’t always the epitome of best design, when they’re best in functionality and educational design, I’m sold!) Letting your kids use the computer for […]

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Neil Gaiman’s Blueberry Girl

Neil Gaiman's Blueberry Girl Children's Book

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t own a single Neil Gaiman book, despite him being one of my most favorite authors. See, I typically consume my books via audio book as I’m a very slow reader, and those I get from Audible or the local library. However, that is no excuse for not owning […]

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Old School Education

There are plenty of educational kid’s shows on TV today, like Sid the Science Kid, Super Why, and Dinosaur Train, but I don’t think any of them will leave an impression on kids like the classics did on us. Classics like The Electric Company, Reading Rainbow, and my personal favorite, Schoolhouse Rock! Now, thanks to […]

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Leonardo the Terrible Monster – A Small for Big Book Review

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Leonardo, the Terrible Monster – written and illustrated by Mo Willems. About the book: Leonardo is a terrible monster. Not terrible in the horrific sense, but terrible in the first sense; he’s just plain bad at scaring people. To his credit he doesn’t have a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth like Tony, and he isn’t big like […]

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Cool Kids Music from Dan Zane

In the past I’ve mentioned how difficult it can be to find children’s music that is as satisfying for the parents as it is for the children. Luckily, mutually agreeable artists like Dan Zanes keep pumping out great children’s music! Dan Zanes is one of my favorite children’s music artists and his song “Hello, Hello” […]

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Children’s Books You Actually Want to Read

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(image from The Little Stone Lion) Books are a big deal in our house. We have about 150 children’s books on our shelves, I’m always in the middle of an audiobook or two, and Marzi is currently engrossed in the The Twilight Saga. I try to take the kids to the library at least once […]

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Willoughby and the Lion – A Small for Big Book Review

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Today’s Post is doing double duty! You can also see it over at BookDads. Don’t tell my boys, but when it comes to children’s books, I don’t hesitate to judge them by their covers. So much of the enjoyment of a great children’s book, for both my kids and myself, comes as much from the […]

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For the Kids – A Small for Big Music Review

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I absolutely love accidentally stumbling upon incredible new music – be it an artist, a song, or a cover I’ve never heard before – doing so is truly one of the bittersweet moments in life. On one hand there’s the euphoria that comes from the discovery, knowing that, personally, I’ve just tapped into a previously […]

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Counting and Nostalgia

While I don’t recall doing it much with our youngest, I can guarantee our oldest learned how to count (at least to 12) because I’d repeatedly sing the song in the video below while giving him a bath. I’m a big fan of killing metaphoric birds, especially when I can do it with one stone, […]

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Old Made New Again

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Once you have children, rediscovering long-forgotten interests during your play sessions is practically a weekly occurrence. Whether it’s remembering how much you love to color with crayons, or build sand castles, or catch bugs and put them in Mason jars, as parents we get to constantly relive a bit of the joy from our past. […]

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Here Comes Science – A Small for Big Music Review

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My first memory of They Might Be Giants is listening to “Particle Man” while skateboarding in the basement of my friend Matt Garvin’s house when I was 13. The first memory my children have of They Might Be Giants is listening to the opening track of Here Comes Science while playing in our family room […]

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The Sneetches – A Small for Big Book Review

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We’re at the dawning of a new era at Small for Big. Meet our first guest blogger: Chris Dunbar! Chris is an old friend, dad to two hilarious, adorable, smart boys, and the husband of the talented Lori, from Paisley Wallpaper. He also runs their etsy shop, Fresh Snapped Photos which is full of Lori’s […]

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