the youngest pantone yet

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Yes, Pantone is taking branding to an entirely different level these past couple of years. I remember when all they sold were swatch books, anyone else? Now there are Christmas ornaments, mugs, chairs, etc. etc. etc. It’s cool, and my geeky designer side went ahead and geeked out in the beginning. But part of me […]

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don’t live in a vacuum

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You know  me, I’m a geeky designer artsy type. So I looooooove color. I might even need a couple extra “o’s” to make my point. Because I really really loooooooooove color. Which means the Color Vacuum App intrigued me as soon as I saw it’s name. The steampunk elements are a hidden fascination of mine, […]

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the surprising tale of a girl who floated

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Princess Hyacinth has a problem (don’t we all?). She floats. In fact, she floats so well that all of her princessy clothes are weighted, and her crown is extra-heavy to ensure that she stays put. I love the subtle allegory to the weighty nature of being a real princess in the real world, where responsibilities […]

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the anti-bully: bully in a box

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Bullying is one of those things that just shouldn’t happen. As a kid, I definitely had my run-ins with bullies, taunting, and name-calling. If you love art, learning, theater, and music in a small small town, things can be a little rough sometimes. OH yeah, and don’t even get me started on Phys. Ed. classes. […]

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a modern princess in training

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Viola Louise Hassenfeffer is not your ordinary princess. I suppose that’s probably true of most princesses, but Viola seems to be a special case. She is really horrible at behaving in a traditional “princess” way, which is precisely what makes Princess in Training (by Tammi Sauer, and illustrated by Joe Berger) so fascinating! Princess Hassenfeffer is […]

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raise your babe’s design IQ

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If one is encouraged to learn their numbers and colors at an early age, surely one should do so in the best way possible? If one’s parents want to ensure their child has a discerning eye, a love for beauty, and , of course, the ability to recognize their numbers and colors, then shouldn’t they […]

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peas pass the reality of a princess

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When a young girl enters the Princess phase, there is only one thing to do: drag your feet while kicking and screaming. I might mean that metaphorically, I might not. Either way, I’m looking to find that magical word – moderation – when balancing her interests while reminding her of the big wide world beyond […]

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gotta get app: endless alphabet with endless laughter

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Birdie seems to cycle through iPad/iPhone apps much like she cycles through toys: rapidly. Most new toys and apps have an obsessed life-span of 2 days. Then they are replaced with something else. But, there are a few apps that she returns to with surprising regularity – and for lengthly amounts of time too. Endless […]

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girl power in the guise of a fairy

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Sometimes accidental purchases turn into serendipitous solutions. As Birdie continues to dive head first into the land known as pink, sparkly, jeweled, and all things glitter, I continue to find ways to remind her that there’s more to life than Pretty. We found this book at her Montessori School’s book fair last year, but You […]

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these books will make your clothes amazing

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Need an inexpensive, DIY, and totally FUN way to update and personalize your kiddo’s wardrobe this spring (and yours too!)? I didn’t realize how many cool iron-on options there were, but thanks to Chronicle Books, I think every possible fashion dilemna you might have could be solved with Suzie, Julia Rothmann, Mike Perry, and Gamago. […]

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yes please, open this little book

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Children’s books are best when they encourage imagination, free thinking, and a healthy dose of surprise. That’s why I cannot wait to get a copy of Open This Little Book because it’s so unique. Leave it to Chronicle Books to find such a gem (because frankly, I bet the printing/binding discussions to get this thing published […]

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finding inspiration:
experiencing something new (part 3)

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Sometimes I realize I’m so addicted to my habits that it never even occurs to me to try something different. As Erin was just saying in her Be Creative series: “…when it comes to prompting creativity few things are as important as cross-pollination with fields outside your area of expertise and having more diverse experiences.” […]

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Birdie Learns to Fly

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Do you remember that little sneak peek I gave you last week? It’s time for the big reveal! I finally finished writing and illustrating my first children’s book: Birdie Learns to Fly. This is a project I’ve been wanting to work on for years. Luckily, the leaps and bounds in technology have made it easy […]

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guest who?
dottie from modern kiddo

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I am so thankful for great blogging friends like Dottie from Modern Kiddo. Her adorable little girl, the Peach, is about the same age as Birdie, and it’s always fun to see what they’ve been up to. Not to mention the other many brilliant things Dottie and Alix get up to on their wonderful blog. […]

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filling in the gaps with books

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Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for me to begin round two: Birdie’s birthday. For once, I actually have several gifts squirreled away for her already, just waiting for January 7th. But I always take a long hard look at the gifts she received for Christmas, and then fill in accordingly with a couple […]

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