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splurging for the musical toys

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Sometimes we dream impossible dreams. And sometimes I just have to share them with you, even though they’re not particularly realistic. You know, like when you get a hankering for a $1400 Naef Gloggomobil Wooden Organ Musical Instrument. If it helps my argument any, it’s entirely handmade in Switzerland. They say it takes Swiss craftsmen […]

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wooden toys once lost, now found

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You guys. You know that moment when you find something you thought you’d lost forever? I was a huge fan of Soopsori toys, but realized they were no longer producing some time ago. Yet, I’d see a glimpse of their work on smaller boutique sites. I thought, well, it must be old stock, right? Guess what. […]

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the italian wooden toys you’ll dream about

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Okay, so I’m still a little distracted by my new Smallful printables – I just want to go stare at the site and triple check that everything is working. It’s so silly, but when you create something new, it’s so exciting. Luckily these toys grabbed my attention.   Milani Wood is, you guessed it, based in Milan. […]

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it’s ALIVE! join me in welcoming Smallful!

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Wow. Here we are. This is a project I’ve wanted to start for a long time, but to be honest, I was afraid. Finally, thanks to the push of great friends and the help of Equilateral Design Studio (thank you Helen!), I’ve done it!!! Smallful is alive and kicking! I‘m taking lots of deep breaths over […]

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donna will you be my friend?

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Sidenote: I’m practically bouncing up and down with excitement and lack of sleep and manic to-do lists! My new business is sooo close to becoming alive and kicking and real: I can’t wait to share it with you. Are you curious? I hope you are! I’m going back over there to work on it right […]

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reading with blocks

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I’m through stage 1 and stage 2, and working on stage 3 of my big new venture. Stay tuned! In the meantime, I’m keeping the blog posts light so I can focus on this new thing. You’re gonna love the results – coming later this week! Birdie is reading! She’s not ready for “camaraderie” or […]

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it’s time to go go dolls!

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It’s happening! Great new things are happening over here behind the scenes, and to keep things a-moving, my posts this week may be a little short on words. Bear with me, the results will be worth it. It’s happened again. Land of Nod has managed to partner up with the perfect designer (Suzy Ultman) to make […]

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a little this, a little that, and some wool

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I have this big beautiful basket filled with some of my favorite yarns sitting in my iiving room – I can see it from here. Each yarn is destined for a knitting project I have yet to find time to start. In fact, they were picked for specific projects. But I have to admit, I […]

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your littles do better when they pretend

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The timeless qualities of wood, I could wax poetic for several paragraphs. But since I’m hopeful that’s just preaching the choir, and all of you would agree with me from start to finish, I’ll spare you the details. Let’s just all agree that wooden toys are gorgeous, timeless, and good for the soul (both ours […]

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replace your throw pillows with these

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So your sofa is covered in striped, patterned, nubby, or velvet throw pillows. They’re pretty, semi-functional, and totally expected. I dare you to replace them with one of these characters. Though, if I tried to tell Birdie that the stuffed toy from Poosac sitting on the sofa wasn’t hers, but instead belonged to the sofa, […]

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your next dollhouse might not be a house

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Birdie has suddenly shown renewed interest in her dollhouse – and she’s been asking lots of questions about my old dollhouse too! It’s currently waiting for her at my parents house under a big tarp. She’s never seen it, and it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I’m kind of curious to see what crazy […]

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dancing with their tippy toes

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Teddy bears, bunnies, or sweet girls in tutus? Which would you prefer? With Mini Boheme, you have all of these options and more. Created by hand in naturally dyed organic linen,, Mini Boheme dolls feature hand stitched faces, beautiful fabric accents, and eco corn fiber filling. You can add a beautifully embroidered name onto their little […]

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can you say vroooooom?

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There is something so seductive about a good car. Give me the old school, curvaceous, corner-hugging, low-slung race cars of the ages. Iconic, that’s the word I’m looking for! These Playforever Racing Cars have all those boxes checked off and then some. As they tell it: “Playforever Toys have been engineered to last. Manufactured from […]

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go fish with us

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We just returned from a weekend in my parents’ camper – oh my god we had so much fun hanging with our family! During downtimes, Birdie has become obsessed with playing Go Fish. We have a deck from Hello Kitty, but her cousins have this hilarious Go Fish game from Eeboo – aren’t these fish sweet? And […]

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the green tones of music

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There is a beautiful-to-look-at and beautifully-made new line of wooden toys for kids: Green Tones toys are sustainably made, child development focused, and so sweet to look at too! Musical instrument toys for the pre-k set can be pretty bland, but these have both the great design cues we love, and the real-life musical functionality […]

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