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you’ve got snail mail

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Though I love the look of natural wood toys, I’ve run into a constant theme with Birdie. She tells me they need to be painted. Though I adore her creative spirit and urge to add her own personal stamp to her toys – I’m just not wlling to do it to those expensive natural wood […]

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perfect under the tree

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There are iconic images that go along with a good old-fashioned classic Christmas. Like the doll perched on a present under the Christmas tree. These sweet handmade dolls fit that image perfectly, don’t you think? Maybe it’s partly because they remind me of the sweet doll in the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer TV […]

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gift guides: stocking stuffers under $25

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I’m wiping my brow over here, have you found some good gift ideas with these Gift Guides? I hope so! Today I’m doing something a little different. I always love looking for stocking stuffer gifts. But when you’re shopping online, it seems unlikely you’re going to buy a $3 item and pay $7 in shipping, […]

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gift guides: preschool 3-5

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My daughter is about to graduate out of this age group, and I’m a little bittersweet. Yes, it’s amazing to see the new things she’s capable of, but she’s losing some of her roly poly sweetness. So for those of you with kids between 3 and 5, treasure these moments! But I’m sure you know […]

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pin down your holidays with pinhole press

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Have you thought about Holiday cards yet? I’m still cringing over last year’s fiasco in our house. I organized the photos, set up the cards, placed the order… but somehow I typed my credit card number incorrectly and I missed the email that told me that fact! By the time my irate-customer personality kicked in […]

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wooden you like to know!

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Hm. It seems I can’t stay away from wooden toys right now. I’ve always loved wood: working with it, the colors, the natural qualities, and the smells. Now that Birdie has turned into a, gulp, almost-5-year-old, she’s just not as interested in some of the wooden toys that used to pique her interest. So I […]

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dolls – the small wooden kind

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I have got the Christmas bug in the worst way! And it always starts the same way: toy shopping. Thank goodness I have a little girl and some nephews to shop for, or that might sound a little crazy. Right now I’m obsessing over these gorgeous mod dolls designed by Suzy Ultmann. Do you think […]

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everyone needs a cat family – except me

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I have just been informed by a very adamant 4 3/4 years old little girl named Birdie that her favorite stuffed animal of all time, Moe the Kitty, is in desperate need of a mother and father. She’s always wanted a cat family. And, though she didn’t say it, the reason she doesn’t have a […]

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a mod wooden menagerie

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I’m slowly working towards pulling the Annual Small for Big Gift Guides together. Very. Slowly. The fun part, of course, is letting myself dive deep down the rabbit hole and finding or rediscovering lots of amazing treasures. Like the original wooden animals designed by Kay Bojesen, which unfortunately are a bit too rich to be […]

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building with girls

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I’m writing this after spending far too much time on the Lego website a couple days ago, agonizing over how to get Birdie to be more interested in regular old Legos. She, of course, wants only the Lego Friends sets come Christmas time. And as much as I’d like to boycott Lego Friends for making […]

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grande yet petit collage

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We just returned from a fantastic parent-teacher conference, and I’m all smiles and giggles to see how far my little girl has come since her first day of Montessori school. How did I become the parent of an almost 5 year old? She’s come so far, in fact, that most of these amazing new toys from […]

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the great pumpkin toy

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I suppose it should come as no surprise that Vulli, the makers of our favorite teether, Sophie the Giraffe, are also coming up with some additional playful wonders. However, I was surprised to see how far from teethers they jumped! Can you believe they’re doing playsets? Obviously I have to share this Klorofil Pumpkin playset, […]

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oh, albatross

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Now that’s a good name for an Etsy shop: Oh. Albatross. Don’t you immediately want to know what it’s all about? I’m kind of a fan of albatrosses: both literally and figuratively. I’m definitely a fan of these adorable little animals. In fact, I don’t have much more to say about them except cooing noises […]

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sometimes you just have to whale with it

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Whales have a very calming presence:  their immense size and slow movements can’t help but lull you like the waves of the water that they’re floating in. Plus, the amazing conversations they have can seem incredibly soothing after hours of kiddie cartoons! It’s kind of like the idea of fairies moving as fast as hummingbirds, […]

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that little cottage in the woods of your living room.

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I’m beginning to think that Those In Charge of products at Land of Nod are sneaking little peeks inside my brain. Or maybe we’re secretly related somehow, somewhere? Because the number of times I see a new product from them and gasp at its perfection is getting ridiculous! I heart Land of Nod. A ton. […]

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