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the 10 best bunnies for your Easter

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When I’m designing a new toy, I often start with a bunny first. There’s something about rabbits that appeal to everyone – and their basic shape is always familiar as long as it includes some tall pointy ears. That makes them the perfect animal for almost any stuffed toy idea. S0, all in all, stuffed […]

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you’ll flip for these modern flip dolls

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Do you remember the old traditional flip dolls? I remember fairy tale versions: one side was Little Red Riding Hood, the other was the Wolf in Grandma’s glasses. They were more about the story, and less about the cuddle factor, at least that’s how I remember the dolls I knew. Sophie & Lili has turned […]

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this is the next doll we need!

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Dolls everywhere! That could be my motto. You know the dreaded cat ladies with 10 cats? I think if I was a single lady approaching 40, I would be that lady but with dolls. I think that might be creepier. Ah well, we are what we are! Today I thought I’d reintroduce all of us […]

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cutie tattooties brings temp tats to toys

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Temp tats. Oh yeah, I’m into them. Hardcore. I like my ink impermanent, to match my whims and the random nature of my 5 year old. I collect them like candy. Our favorites have always been Tattly – they last longer than the Hello Kitty crud from the dollar aisle, and the designs are just […]

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indoor fort building 2.0

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Outside my window right now there is about a foot of snow left. And it’s no longer the pretty white crystalized stuff, it’s the dirty, ugly, crusty kind. So we won’t be playing outside anytime soon. It’s driving all of us nuts! An indoor fort may be the only way to maintain sanity. The Happy […]

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it takes two of a kind

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It’s “Spring Break” over here – even though we’re staring at 2-3 feet of snow outside our window. So it’s 5 days of Birdie and I, like two peas in a pod. Hanging out together, making art together, and being silly. At least, that’s the hope. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll stay as […]

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playtime nyc – the best of the best for kids

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One of these days I plan to get back into the trade shows, doing the rounds in January, February, and March. But in the meantime, we’re all lucky enough to live in a digital world where we can get a sneak peek into the brands that will be debuting their latest and greatest at all […]

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the owl, cat, giraffe & lion go popipop!

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The French. They just have this “je ne sais quoi”, you know? Their fashion is more fashionable, their monuments more monumental, their pastries more pastry-licious. It even affects their toys. Moulin Roty will always have my French-loving heart, and their latest launch just cements that position. You have to meet Les Popipops. It doesn’t matter […]

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miniature wooden cars go vroom vroom vroom too

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The Silhouette of a good car has always been more important to me than the engine. I guess that’s why I’m a designer and an artist, but not an engineer. Give me a Karmann Ghia or a classic Cobra any old day. I’d be happy, even if I was stalled on the side of the […]

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we’re moving to the teddy bear republic

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That’s it. I’m sick of this snow (4 more inches yesterday), this cold (single digits coming again this weekend), and the never-ending grayness of winter. I’m ready to move almost anywhere but here! I’m thinking these creatures, who hail from the Teddy Bear Republic, must have it made. Bright colors, furry manes, contented faces – […]

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girls with glasses

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The past week has been one big birthday party for my favorite girl with glasses, our little Birdie. Yesterday we had the perfect birthday party with our dearest family and friends, I’ll try to get some photos ready to share with all of you tomorrow! But, in the meantime, in honor of my beautiful girl, […]

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making it your own

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I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Because if I officially had a resolution, or 5, or 10, I’d just be bound to officially break each and every one of them. That’s kind of how I work, unfortunately. So I don’t officially have any resolutions. But if I did, I would make sure that this year […]

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uncommonly good goods

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I have been a big fan of Uncommon Goods for many years now – I remember looking to them for gift ideas a decade ago! Wow, I’m old. These days you can find some of the most uncommonly cool gifts for kids from Uncommon Goods. In fact, they seem to have curated a collection almost […]

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what’s under my christmas tree

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So my beautiful gift guides might be filled with my top picks for kids, but what’s actually waiting to be wrapped at my house? I have three nephews, and of course Birdie, to shower with amazing gifts, and I thought I’d share some of the things that will be under our Christmas trees this year. […]

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a real nine-year old doll

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Wait, hang on a minute. You mean these dolls don’t have boobs? Or alien-length legs? Or makeup? What about their hair, it’s just natural? And why is that so surprising? I’m so excited to finally see more of the British-based Lottie dolls available here in the states. Let me tell you why. No matter how […]

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