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mastodonts are your master do’s!

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First of all, you have to watch this video for your daily dose of laughter-inducing cute animals. I want to reach out and hug each and every one of them. Did you see the baby rhino and baby elephants? I think I swooned. Since we can’t own our own baby rhinos, or most of those […]

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springtime for toys

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Spring will get here eventually right? It has to be on it’s way, at some point. Even though so much of the country is blanketed in snow and cold and windy gray days right now, when I see sweet things like these toys from Willowynn, I have a little hope! Willowynn’s toys are handmade using […]

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new kid o for your kiddos!

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There are toy companies, and then are there are Toy Companies. Kid O is in the latter category – full of whimsy, modern details, and the all important play value for each and every toy. I love seeing what they come up with! Their latest products for 2015 are no exception. Whether it’s the musical […]

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gilded bean bags

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Birdie spent yesterday sick with a stomach bug. By early afternoon, she was also sick of the sofa, the side chair, all of her pillows and the floor. She just couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t help but wish we had a beanbag to comfort and mold around her little body! Especially if it was one […]

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tees, sox, & being an imperfect toy

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I am trying more and more to find ways to be just a little rough around the edges in the work that I do. Not in that “I don’t care” kind of way, but more in a life is messy, things are imperfect, and imperfections are beautiful kind of way. It feels more real, less […]

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wild x dear with fleur & dot

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Anyone else get a little lonely in the middle of the winter? I know here in the cold North, the joke is everyone hibernates until Spring returns – and so you won’t see people for months at a time! I’m definitely feeling a bit of human interaction withdrawal right about now! Until I can organize […]

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your new play table: bawa kids

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Genius things for kids can sometimes seem hard to come by. Then you’ll see something like this play table from Bawa Kids, and anything seems possible! Bawa Kids play table deceptively clean and simple, until you pull back the top to reveal the numerous tracks and blocks and colors. Then everyone will want to take a […]

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traipsing through the enchanted forest

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Dappled sunlight, fluttering butterflies, wind in the branches, birds tweeting, and a little itty bitty fox sitting primly on a log, crown in hand, just waiting for you. Isn’t that what comes to mind when you see these foxes from The Enchanted Forest? I could have romanticized things a wee bit, but it’s been one […]

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stacking up the dolls and pirates

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Whew, I’m still recovering from Birdie’s 6th birthday party over the weekend, visiting with family, and a massive trip to the Science Museum to boot. So today, I apologize if my words are brief, but I’ve found a sweet set of items from Flatout Frankie to make up for my blogging faux pas. Say hello […]

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stocking stuffers for every kid

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December is wonderful time of cheer, family, and gift giving. There are lots of purchases to be made for the Holidays—some big, some small, and all of them loads of fun! Especially stocking stuffers! That’s when you can cut loose and just have a little fun. With so many options, it can help to have […]

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big friendly albino sea creatures

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Need a little love to keep you warm on these cold nights? Besides your kids and partners, of course. Big Stuffed albino sea creatures are big – 25 – 35″ big! – and made of soft cotton and cotton faux furs. They just look perfectly squeezable even in the photos, so much so that I’m ready […]

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presto chango rearrange-o birds and butterflies

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We have a fascinating little butterfly flip doll that transforms from girl, to butterlfy, and back again. She’s been a source of fascination for Birdie, and loved by me as well because she’s so unique. Now, Fidoodle has added two more flip dolls to their collection of awesome handmade toys. You can nab the original […]

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dollhouses for your holiday lists

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Giving a dollhouse at Christmas time is one of those perfect presents for the right little girl. I think my Birdie could happily get a new dollhouse for every gift-giving occasion and devote an entire room to them – I’d almost let her if we lived in some crumbling old mansion. Wouldn’t that be kind […]

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gift guides – preschool

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We’re celebrating the best of the best from 5 years of gift guides – and today it’s the preschoolers’ turn. Earlier in the week I shared my faves for toddlers and babies, and stay tuned for tweens coming later this week! You can browse through all the Gift Guides in one spot if you’d like, or, see […]

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spotlight: top 10 toys from my sweet muffin

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Sometimes I have the urge to hoard all of my “secret” sources for great new toy finds. If I told you where I find everything, then I’m deeply afraid you’ll stop needing me and this blog. Super needy, I know. And a little paranoid. I’m turning over a new leaf. Today, let’s take a peek […]

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