alphabet love letters

by mari

Binth modern stationery art prints Love Letters alphabet series

Aaah, now here’s a lovely Valentine’s gift worth keeping. A beautiful collection of framable Binth love letters, $44. The entire alphabet, each with their own envelope, allowing you to chose whether you keep them all like the greedy design nerd you might be, or share your love with a select few loved ones (those whose initials match the prints you’re willing to part with!) You know what has me extra curious? There are 30 cards, yet how many letters are in the alphabet?

If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea, see my DIY posts:  hearts with wings (from mini cupcake liners!), clay heart  love tokens for family and classmates,  and drawing with your toddler’s doodles.

When you’re tired of cutting a zillion little hearts, check out all of my Valentine’s Printables!

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