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by mari

Best iphone ipad apps for kids - Toca Boca Train

They’ve done it again! I have a mega-crush on Swedish iPhone/iPad app company Toca Boca. We own every single one of their apps – and even if they hadn’t provided review copies of a couple, including Toca Train – I’d buy them anyway without pause. (and a big thank you for the review opportunity, Toca Boca!)

Their newest addition Toca Train, $1.99, is as good as all the others., and brings them up to thirteen incredible apps for kids. The only difference I noticed right away is the graphics aren’t quite as quirky and colorful as the bulk of their apps. It’s focusing instead on lovely green scenery! Toca Train’s play value is super open-ended, and can be played for as long as your child wants to (with Birdie that was quite some time). It’s an endless track, a train with 3 speeds, a whistle, and several stops along the way. Each stop allows you to let people on and off, or choose from a selection of raw materials to load up with a crane. Lots of good clean train track fun!

The beauty of Toca Boca’s apps for kids is that most of them are not games. There aren’t winners or losers, time limits, levels to achieve, or bad guys to beat. They’re truly play environments and creative toys that let your children interact with them in the same ways as the real toys you carefully bring into your home. And that, my friends, is why my Toca Boca crush is of the mega-variety!

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1 Alison July 3, 2012 at 9:42 pm

I meant to comment on this post when I saw it last week. WE LOVE TOCA BOCA too! The only “game” that kids can play for hours, and share. Seriously, there is no other app that kids will play together at the same time. Pull out the tea party game on the old iPad, and the kids throw a tea party, all while serving each other scones. Pretty great.


2 Miz Big July 4, 2012 at 8:32 am

I know! Birdie gets app fatigue pretty quickly with most apps, bot she plays Toca Boca apps over and over again. They’re amazing!


3 Toshiha April 5, 2024 at 3:42 am

What a delightful review of Toca Train! Toca Boca’s knack for creating captivating apps shines through once again. With its open-ended play value and charming scenery, Toca Train offers endless entertainment for kids. I appreciate how Toca Boca’s apps prioritize creative exploration over competition, making them invaluable additions to any child’s digital playtime. Thanks for the amazing content please also checktoca life world by toca boca latest version


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