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old teethers are new again

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If you have spent any time at all around a baby in the last 5 years, you’ve probably run across Sophie Giraffe. She’s become a mainstay for the cooler parents on every block across the country! But have you noticed these other retro lovelies that are beginning to join her ranks? It’s a little retro […]

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pin down your holidays with pinhole press

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Have you thought about Holiday cards yet? I’m still cringing over last year’s fiasco in our house. I organized the photos, set up the cards, placed the order… but somehow I typed my credit card number incorrectly and I missed the email that told me that fact! By the time my irate-customer personality kicked in […]

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everyone needs a cat family – except me

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I have just been informed by a very adamant 4 3/4 years old little girl named Birdie that her favorite stuffed animal of all time, Moe the Kitty, is in desperate need of a mother and father. She’s always wanted a cat family. And, though she didn’t say it, the reason she doesn’t have a […]

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I love moonlight

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It’s true, I really do love moonlight. But I Love Moonlight is also the name of a sweet shop full of sweeter animals. I’m guessing they all love moonlight, but some of them look like they might be a little scared of the dark. I have a soft spot for stuffed toys that look a […]

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what shall we play today?

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That’s what Collette Bream asks across the top of her Etsy shop, and it sums things up perfectly. I know around this house that question is asked many. many. many. times during the day. Her shop doesn’t give any kind of straightforward answer either. Instead, it feels like I’ve stepped into a perfectly curated little […]

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better “brika” brack

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I have two important things to note today! First, have you heard of Brika? It’s this gorgeous little site full of curated handmade goodness. It’s like Etsy without the filler. You can thank Brika for helping me find these amazing soft books, I’d recommend checking them out (Brika, that is. Ok and these soft books […]

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putting the mobile mojo in mobiles

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Travel-sized musical mobiles have always been the ugly cousin, at least the majority of them. While it’s possible to find some stunning beauties in the ceiling-hung variety of nursery mobiles, somehow travel-sized models are always lacking. Like, severely. So Ferm Living’s Music Mobiles are , heh, music to my ears! And to my eyes, because […]

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wooden gumballs are still fun to play with

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Bubblegum. The stuff of legend for my 3.5 yo. We keep telling her she’s too young, while she keeps seeing it all around her, taunting her. Followed by severe begging, pleading, and cajoling. This girl is a master negotiator. But, I will remain firm. Maybe we’ll add this amazing wooden Gumball Machine from Kaz Shiomo […]

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worth 1000 words: restoration elephant

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Sometimes it’s the sheer scale of a thing that makes it worth 1000 words. Or maybe it’s the price tag ($399). In this case it’s most likely both. Visit this wool felt elephant and his friend the regal giraffe at Restoration Hardware.

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aw sweet! my sweet muffin

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There are times when you need a special something, a little pick-me-up, or the perfect gift. Sometimes, in that moment of need, I know exactly what I’m looking for. But often times, I draw a complete blank. I think it’s time I share one of my favorite not-so-secret solutions. I just stop on over to […]

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heck yeah – toys with character

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Heck Yeah toys are hilarious, with names like Theater Geek and Artsy Girl, you’re bound to find your inner soul mate from those slightly terrifying high school years (oops, hang on, there aren’t any cheerleaders here!). I’ve noticed I like all of them except for Loner Bully, which kind of makes sense, considering my teenage […]

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at least twice as cool: deuz

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Tell me if this happens to you: do you find yourself constantly drawn to maps? Wanting to hang them on your walls, buying the road atlas when your iPhone is really preferable, or pinning lots of envelopes made from maps in Pinterest? I’m even drawn to the Ikea kids rugs with the little roads and […]

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your new favorite wooden toy line!

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Finally! Oompa is carrying a huge selection of hard-to-find Janod wooden toys. Before it felt like I’d catch a glimpse of an amazing Janod toy, then be unable to find any others, or it’d be out of stock, or some other travesty of toy shopping. Now, my friends, you can find a bunch of goodies […]

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rainbows strike the hearts of many

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Happy Post Mother’s Day Monday everyone! I suppose there’s a little bit of that back in the trenches feeling today? Hopefully that’s partially thanks to a lovely Mom’s Day had by all of you! I know we certainly deserve it. Maybe these sweet faces will cheer you some. Manka‘s sweet handmade creatures – monsters? aliens? […]

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girl pirates should take over the world

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It could happen. And now that Birdie has to wear an eye patch for a couple hours every day – to strengthen her weaker eye – I am a firm believer in pirates, particularly the girl variety. In fact, she was my inspiration for my most recent guest post over at (her eye patch […]

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