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rawr with your kids & roxy marj

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I have loved Roxy Marj’s blankets since day one. I remember when I first tried to find them and they were always out of stock – clearly other people like them as much as I do! I secretly wish they’d make a larger size to cover me while I work on my sofa at night! […]

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6 baby must-haves for summer time

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Summer is such a wonderful time, but when you have a baby it can sometimes feel so much more complicated! Dragging things around, remembering everything you need or might need! The obvious esssentials were what always ran through my head first. Things like pacifiers, snacks, diapers, wipes and changing gear, and sunscreen. (I always forget the […]

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I’m joining the polka dot club

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Even though I consider myself a fairly modern gal, with a love for clean lines and bright colors and new, innovative design ideas, there is something so beautiful about a classic teddy bear. Now, I think I’ve found a place where that classic style has met a modern, yet heritage-based, result. Meet Polka Dot Club, […]

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kids and anthropologie

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You would almost think Anthropologie is trying to hide their kids selections online. You have to click into the House & Home section, then Books & Gifts, before you’ll find the category Kids. Though there isn’t much rhyme or reason to the selections, you can bet you’ll fin things there you haven’t seen before. A […]

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so much better than chewing your arm

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Chewbeads newest teething accessories just might be the prettiest of the bunch. Already known for their teething necklaces and bracelets (the ones I wish I’d had when Birdie was small!), Chewbeads is expanding to include these uber-cool car seat and stroller accessories. I hear some of the beads glow in the dark, crazy right? Thanks […]

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toys made of unicorns & mountaintops

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It’s always extra special to find an individual maker who is able to turn anything they make – across a variety of categories – into something original and unique to them. It’s hard to stay true to your own vision, but I think Lord and Little does it so well. That rustic, so-cal vibe isn’t new […]

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new kid o for your kiddos!

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There are toy companies, and then are there are Toy Companies. Kid O is in the latter category – full of whimsy, modern details, and the all important play value for each and every toy. I love seeing what they come up with! Their latest products for 2015 are no exception. Whether it’s the musical […]

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gilded bean bags

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Birdie spent yesterday sick with a stomach bug. By early afternoon, she was also sick of the sofa, the side chair, all of her pillows and the floor. She just couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t help but wish we had a beanbag to comfort and mold around her little body! Especially if it was one […]

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traipsing through the enchanted forest

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Dappled sunlight, fluttering butterflies, wind in the branches, birds tweeting, and a little itty bitty fox sitting primly on a log, crown in hand, just waiting for you. Isn’t that what comes to mind when you see these foxes from The Enchanted Forest? I could have romanticized things a wee bit, but it’s been one […]

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baby baazaar is a trip in time

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You love your wooden toys right? And, I’m betting many of you are also a fan of vintage, retro fabulous finds too. How about some handmade wooden toys that look totally retro but are probably more safe than those old painted versions? Baby Baazaar toys are handcrafted in South India of hale wood and lac, a […]

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pi’lo linen toys

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With the fresh start of a New Year, I often realize I need a fresh start visually too. Suddenly all the beautiful cozy colors and rich patterns of the Holidays just feels like too much. So imagine my delight at finding the perfect antidote to all the business of the old year. It’s the fresh […]

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stocking stuffers for every kid

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December is wonderful time of cheer, family, and gift giving. There are lots of purchases to be made for the Holidays—some big, some small, and all of them loads of fun! Especially stocking stuffers! That’s when you can cut loose and just have a little fun. With so many options, it can help to have […]

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top 20 toys for babies

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What are you buying this Holiday season? If you’re looking for some unique ideas, this list of baby toys is for you. These baby toys are just a few of the zillion and one things you can purchase with the new Amex EveryDay Credit Card, a no-annual fee card which rewards Card Members for those […]

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Gift Guides – baby

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Can you believe I’ve been doing Gift Guides here at Small for Big for six years? I thought it was time to look through all of the great goodies from the past five years and share some of my favorites. So, this week, it’s all about the Best of the Best Gift Guides for your Christmas shopping. […]

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spotlight: top 10 toys from my sweet muffin

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Sometimes I have the urge to hoard all of my “secret” sources for great new toy finds. If I told you where I find everything, then I’m deeply afraid you’ll stop needing me and this blog. Super needy, I know. And a little paranoid. I’m turning over a new leaf. Today, let’s take a peek […]

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