ever heard of babyoshka?

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Nesting dolls are such a wonderful tradition wouldn’t you agree? Check out the Latest from Omm Design and illustrator Ingela Arrhenius – these sweet Babyoshka. Omm Design already sells several different modern (and awesome) matryoshka sets, and now they’ve added these squat, baby-fied versions to, ahem, “round” things out. Choose from either the animal set […]

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love your sweet dollface

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I suppose the official term for these beauties is rag dolls. But I have a hard time putting those words with these dolls! Reminding me of very refined dolls by Jess Brown, these sweethearts from Dollface are a tad bit more affordable. Also, they have a little more glitter and whimsy that’s extra endearing to the […]

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best toys for spring playtime!

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Are you ready for Spring? It’s that time of year when all of last year’s toys are unearthed out of the garage, only to find them broken, faded, dirty, or the wrong age for the kids you now have! That’s one of the reasons I love Easter baskets and egg hunts. No matter what your […]

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finding the foundlings

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First of all, I am very very very jealous of Regina’s gorgeous studio. Take a peek at her Instagram feed and you can see some recent photos of it – I may just have to steal it all. Secondly, I may also be jealous of her beautiful Foundling stuffed toys. Her Etsy shop, Oh Albatross […]

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round about: velvet books & roller skates

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Usually this post would be scheduled beforehand, so it would pop up ready-formed at 6 am sharp Friday morning – the better to catch you before your day gets crazy. But, now that I’ve added yoga into my weekly schedule, it’s interfering with my usual Friday post-prep timeslot. Hm. I’ll need to think about how […]

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TOTO: stacking toy turned totem

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News alert – Rock and Pebble has done it again! How is it something so disarmingly simple can keep my eyes coming back to it again and again? Check out the new TOTO Toy Totem set from Rock and Pebble. It’s a Totem Toy, where you stack and unstack the shapes to create tall towers, […]

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come one, come all, to the “Lauvely” seashore circus

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These sweet stuffed friends have all kinds of magic packed into their soft bodies. Handknit with 100% lambswool, each pal features just enough unique detail to feel very special. But I think each of these friends from Lauvely have stories that are just as cute. Mermaid Marina builds the best sandcastles, and loves to listen to […]

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a little bit princess, a little bit quirky

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Handmade toys, made with love, full of personality. That’s been kind of the heart of Small for Big, isn’t it? So Milipa fits right in, with her sweet selection of toys and wall accessories all handmade in southern Italy. Personally, I’d like to go visit her studio – who’s ready to expense that trip for […]

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you can grow a mermaid tail in no time

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One of the silliest – and enjoyable – gifts Birdie received over the Holidays was the ability to turn into a mermaid whenever she feels like it! It’s easier than drinking a magic potion or singing like the Little Mermaid. All you need is a Blankie Tail. Available in different colors and made of the […]

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your pals barry, wilby, chloe, ralph …

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It was one of those wonderful weekends where I actually felt good at the end of it, like I’d accomplished something. Even though, to be frank, it really wasn’t much at all. Just living life. So, to be honest, I don’t have a lot of words for you today – I’m still basking the glow […]

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cat rabbit or pineapple on your shirt?

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I’ve always loved Catbird Plush for their totally unique stuffed animals. But today I realized they have something else just as cute: brooches. You know what brooches are perfect for? Valentine gifts. Seriously, you want something small, special, unique, and sweet. Cat Rabbit Plush’s pins fit that description and then some! Each one is made to […]

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pompoms and blankets go beyond cute

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PIck a subtle, sophisticated palette, throw in some pops of super on-trend color, and maybe a tribal print. What do you get? The perfect hipster baby gift. Each handmade cotton/wool blend blanket from Little Louise NYC is the perfect size for strollers, with beautiful wool pom poms giving a little flounce around the edges. The […]

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wooden toys you might never expect

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I can’t believe I’m doing this, but apparently I need to share a nother post about wooden toys at Target. It seems to me wooden toys are finally hitting the mainstream – at least in Target’s eyes. Well, Target and Fisher-Price both believe in the importance of wood toys, apparently! Check out this new collaborationL Fisher-Price […]

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origami playhouse

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I saw a T-shirt the other day that fits my Monday mornings almost perfectly: it said “I can’t adult today”. Anyone with me? Let’s go hide out in Origanid’s French Playhouse. You bring the hot cocoa, I’ll bring the pillows and blankets. Seriously, if the cost wasn’t quite so splurge-worthy, I’d probably be ordering one […]

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worth 1000 words: itty bitty boxes

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If I had the time and space, I’d like a zillion of these to keep all my jewelry safe. Found via Spoon & Tamago.

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