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There is a high likelihood that the latest flu bug is about to descend upon my household. The husband came home with the cough, the throat, the chills. If the big strong guy catches it, then we’re probably all goin’ down. So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and go get some extra rest to try and help protect myself. What are your tricks to avoid the colds and flus?

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worth 1000 words: beaded bugs

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Would it freak you out to find these three dimensional beauties living on your walls? See more embroidery work by artist Humayrah Bint Altaf.

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you’ve never stacked blocks like these

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These are the kind of blocks you could add to your desk and everyone would think you’re cool. Or, take Tsumiki Stacking Blocks for a ride with your kids, because I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy playing with them together. Kengo Kuma, the Japanese architect working on the new Tokyo National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics, […]

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round about: bee’s knees & cat’s pajamas

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I’m staring at a blank page and realizing I don’t have much to say this week. The week was a white wash of snow and more snow – much like this formerly blank page as a matter of fact. There was some design work here and there, some book reading, some napping, and of course […]

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strangely adorable creatures

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These silly creatures shouldn’t be so cute, and yet I can’t stop loving them. Lullaby for Fox creates these fantastical animals using polymer clays and soft furs, they’re definitely not to be played with. But their sweet expressions and crazy details make them worthy of any child’s biggest imagination. Maybe adding one of these to your […]

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extraordinary inventions by your kids

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You read that title correctly, your kids are about to make some extraordinary inventions. How do I know this? It’s easy, all you have to do is grab one of these amazing kits from Extraordinaires. They’re product design, invention, creative thinking, and real problem-solving to kids in a way that makes it so much fun. These kits […]

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give your plants more personality

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Plain planters take up space, but they’re not doing much for you, are they? Up your planter game, and give your plants a dose of personality! The plants will thank you for being able to express their true colors. The kids will be much more likely to water them, at least I’d like to think […]

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color the walls!

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Our household is slowly being overun by robots. Hatchimals, for example, along with several other tech-based gadgets. How about some old fashioned fun? Pirasta knows how we feel, and their solution is monstrous and brilliant in it’s simplicity. Giant posters. Posters so big your kids can’t possibly finish them in an entire afternoon. The amount […]

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start the year/day right with these bowls

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Welcome to 2017 and all of the resolutions, fresh starts, and organizational urges that come along with the beginning of a new year! To help us along that path, Avanchy’s beautiful bamboo bowls caught my eye. Upgrade your youngun’s mealtime routines with bowls that won’t slip, and won’t fall on the floor. Is that for real? Because […]

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happy holidays!

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It’s time to buckle down for the big Christmas celebration at our house. I’m sure many of you are going through the same anticipation and mad dashery – and Hanukah is happening too! We’ll be taking a little break here at Small for Big, so we can fully embrace the “Crazy” that is the holidays. […]

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last-minute holiday cheer

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We’re nearing the final countdown. How about some last-minute fun? Really, this stuff is easy to print out, and something to keep antsy kids and family-members occupied in this final stretch. Which projects would you pick? You could start with the diorama Holiday Ornaments above, they’re some of my favorites. Or cozy up with this […]

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let’s make mother-daughter ugly sweaters this year!

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters have turned into a big deal! They’ve made it to Jimmy Fallon, and local Christmas parties, and I’ve seen them for sale all over the place. But I want to let you in on a little secret: you can make your own ugly sweater and have a lot more fun. Every year […]

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round about: white elephants & snowy gifts

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If you are in the northern half of the US this week, you’re probably feeling the cold just like we are here. I think this morning the low was around -11 degrees Fahrenheit. I hear rumors that on Sunday we won’t even get above zero. I guess that’s one way to bring in Christmas spirit! […]

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worth 1000 words: winter wonderland

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Our home has become a storybook picture of snow on snow. The trees are all coated, the roads are coated, my dogs feet are freezing and frankly, so am I! But, it is a beautiful, clean, crisp, world outside – much like this image from Ryo Takemasa.

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shoot these arrows

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Looking for something unique to give this holiday season? Take a closer look at these bow and arrows sets by Two Bros Bows. They’re made right here in the US, and began three years ago when 2 brothers decided to create a durable and safe bow and arrows set for kids. Now they’re in specialty […]

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