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When I was little, I remember one day my dad came home with this little vial of water. He was a music professor, and had nabbed this little vial from a colleague in the science building. When he shook that water, it lit up like a glow stick. Why? It was filled with tiny living organisms that would glow when agitated. I was entranced. I never forgot those little guys, even though eventually they died out (I don’t think we ever fed them?)

Dino Pet glowing plankton aquarium toy nighlight pet

But now, coming to 2015, and we have just placed an order for this gorgeous Dino Pet. It’s actually an optically-clear apatosaurus-shaped dino vessel that we get to fill with living, bioluminescent dinoflagellates. I’m as enthralled as I was so many years ago!

Apparently these single-cell plankton live in the ocean – and there are beaches you can visit, places you can surf, and in general chill out with these glowing little beings. Check out the video from Biopop to get a sense of what these little creatures will do.

They only need feeding once a month, which is perfect for those of us looking for low-stress pet care, and all they need during the day is access to sunlight. Let’s just hope they’re easy to keep alive, because I’m hoping we’ll have them for a very long time. I’m going to name them Fred 1, Fred 2, Fred 3, Fred 4 …

The Dino Pet // A Living, Bioluminescent Dinosaur from BioPop on Vimeo.


your new weekend project?

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Ok, I think I may have a new obsession. Flipbooks with cutouts? All you might need is a hole punch? Maybe if we start simple with a dot moving from one side of the page to another, we can one day graduate to something as grand and mesmerizing as this? These Hole Punch Flipbooks are […]

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worth 1000 words: candy coated plants

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Let’s pack up everything and move into the land where these fantastical plants grow. See more of Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao’s work over at The Jealous Curator.

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did you know you need an archer bird?

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Hipster trends be damned, these perfect creatures make me happy – regardless of their hipster-friendly bows and arrows and perfect capes. Popetse Toys creates beautiful handmade little friends in Paris, France. So you know, they’re already cooler than the the toys in your house just in the nature of their birthplace. One of Birdie’s favorite […]

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make your own crumple bear

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Yeah, there are DIY kits out there to make your own stuffed bear, but none of them are as innovative as this one. Why is that? Well, ok, I suppose you could take the templates included in the Crumple Bear kit and use them to cut and sew your bear from fabric. But what makes it […]

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you’re going to love mae

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I’m currently considering getting rid of all our more child-friendly plates, snack bowls, and little cups, but if Birdie was a little younger I’d be hoarding these sets of dinnerware instead. Love Mae creates the sweetest little illustrations on these bamboo plate, bowl, cup, and spoon sets. Bamboo is one of these eco-friendly renewable resources […]

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round about: bandit knobs & cardboard domes

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The only thing I have to say about this week is that last night it snowed. Yep. Our warmer weather went out the window and I spent the evening under a heated blanket, I was so chilled! Fingers crossed the forecasted warmer weather arrivees asap so I can just ignore what may or may not […]

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worth 1000 words: banana flower power

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What would you do if you peeled a banana and found this? via Anna Pieteneva.

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I’m joining the polka dot club

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Even though I consider myself a fairly modern gal, with a love for clean lines and bright colors and new, innovative design ideas, there is something so beautiful about a classic teddy bear. Now, I think I’ve found a place where that classic style has met a modern, yet heritage-based, result. Meet Polka Dot Club, […]

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floating in the clouds house

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Ok, step away from the computer, and right into a cloud world that’s even better than that brick-building Cloud Cuckoo Land claims to be. That’s because the newest dollhouse from Rock & Pebble lets you – erm, your kids – decorate and populate your cloud house any which way you’d like to. I know for […]

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kids and anthropologie

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You would almost think Anthropologie is trying to hide their kids selections online. You have to click into the House & Home section, then Books & Gifts, before you’ll find the category Kids. Though there isn’t much rhyme or reason to the selections, you can bet you’ll fin things there you haven’t seen before. A […]

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round about: paper veggies & women on 20s

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The theme of my week seems to be about lightening my load. I’m all for that. The flu seems to be waning, though slowly, and my Easter projects are all done. I even met another deadline for a freelance client, and today we’re headed out of town to celebrate my husband’s birthday – even though […]

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worth 1000 words: mended butterflies

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I can almost imagine the little butterfly hospital where broken wings are splinted, and more serious damage is fixed with beautiful new appendages. See more of Anne Ten Donkelaar’s beautiful work.

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six paper flowers to hurry Spring along

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In my neck of the woods, the weather is finally warming up a bit, but there won’t be flowers for a little while longer. So yeah, I’ll take anything I can get to hasten the arrival of Spring. Plus, who doesn’t want to try out a new craft project, am I right? You’d think with […]

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your easter basket goldmine!

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You guys. I am here to share with you the motherload of cool, classic, fascinating, little somethings for your Easter baskets (or Stocking stuffers, party favors, etc.!). You may know of Seedling’s adorable crafty kits, but have you seen their perfectly named Pocket Money toys? Seedling’s Pocket Money Collection showcases 3 pages worth of classic playtime -from paddle […]

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