top 5 easter crafts

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I make a ton of lists. I have a feeling lots of bloggers behave this way. I’m not talking your average grocery list, or to-do list (though I definitely have a ton of those). I’m talking folders full of images, lists of future project ideas, lists of what I need in my future dream home. […]

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masters of disguise: decorate your easter eggs with these printables

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Looking for sure-fire egg decorating ideas this Spring season? Yes, there are lots of messy, wonderful, painterly choices out there. But right alongside the dyes and paints, let’s add some disguises to your arsenal. These Easter Egg Craft Printables are quick to print out, fun to cut out, and good skill-building for youngsters too, if […]

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ART BAR: a year of making

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It’s a bittersweet day here at Small for Big. Our amazing and talented contributor, Bar, is hanging up her regular hat for some new opportunities. I can’t thank her enough for her inspiration, her creativity, and her wonderful , kind personality. She is the best contributor I could have hoped for! We’ll miss you Bar, […]

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make: painted leaves

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This is a perfect little art project to do on vacation. In fact, that’s where we made these! Escaping the longest winter known to man (which is more of an emotional statement than a factual one), we recently traveled to the Caribbean. The resort where we stayed had the most beautiful and exotic (and giant) […]

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handmade gifts – watercolor clutch DIY

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When you can’t find it, make it. That’s got to be the credo of every creative crafty arty type out there, am I right? I should probably make that into a printable piece of art! See, there, I just did it again – turning things into art projects. I’m always looking for ways to help […]

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DIY name garland

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I love the saturated colors that paint chips can offer for craft projects. We always have a box of them on our supply shelves. This garland idea came from the need to brighten up by daughter’s new room, which she “hates” (her words). She sure knows all the right buttons to push to get her […]

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DIY cardboard animals {with templates}

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We recently moved, which means that brown boxes have become part of the décor. I am so tired of looking at them! I wish they were pink… or robin’s egg. Obviously, being the compulsive re-user that I am, we had to make something out of them. There is so much you can do with a […]

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pom pom valentines to make and give

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Birdie’s school has a no-candy rule when it comes to Valentine’s day, and I love it. Every year we use it as an opportunity to make something a little extra special for all of her friends in her class. This year, we’re combining my printable valentines with some retro-inspired pom pom creatures. They’re like pom […]

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Top DIY’s for Valentine’s Day

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I think my creative side is already biting off much more than I can chew. It seems I have some very specific goals to accomplish before Valentine’s Day – mainly these crafts! I want to make sure we make a heart for the wall – if I can just get to the store and nab […]

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diy bunny & birdie printable valentine cards

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So I did this little doodle, and it seemed so perfect for Valentine’s Day that I decided to run with it! I wanted something that reminded me of my little girl, Birdie. But I figured that all of you might want some options, so I decided on creating two different versions this year: a birdie […]

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printable valentine coloring pages

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I am completely ga-ga over how many utterly adorable Valentine cards there are to download and print on Pinterest. It’s blowing my mind! Mari has some amazing ones here on Small for Big, too, that you must check out. Added to the list today are these sweet & simple coloring pages I made…just for you. […]

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these paper toys have pipes

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I’m back from Alt Summit! Thanks for your patience with my brief bout of radio silence, but now I suppose it’s time to get back to business, right? I. Heart. Paper Toys. They are my fave! If I could convert my toy design career into a paper toy design career, I think I probably would. […]

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DIY: olympic flag garland

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I love this craft!! OMG…we have been making these flags for days. This is one of those crafts that will stay out on the table for a long time because it’s so enjoyable and simple, and it sparks up so many interesting, worldly conversations. We’ve talked about everything from the way a flag came to […]

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making it your own

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I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Because if I officially had a resolution, or 5, or 10, I’d just be bound to officially break each and every one of them. That’s kind of how I work, unfortunately. So I don’t officially have any resolutions. But if I did, I would make sure that this year […]

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DIY: love garland

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I’m crazy about garlands. Aren’t you? I love making them for my kids, my family, my friends, and just about any and every occasion. Today I am sharing with you how to make this colorful & artsy LOVE garland. It’s perfect for Valentine’s day (or any day) to give to the ones you love most. […]

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