brontorina apatosaurus the ballerina

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As a modern mom it seems I’m always trying to find the middle ground. I’m a feminist, a modern woman, and I want my girl to be strong, independent, and true to herself. But I want to share all those classically wonderful little girl things too: fairies, unicorns, ballerinas, and kind, generous, swashbuckling princes. I […]

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gotta get app: Little Fox Music Box

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Sometimes an iPad/iPhone app’s illustrations are so lush that I’m a little lost for words. I could see myself featuring this app just for the imagery, even if the functionality wasn’t so hot. But, luckily, Little Fox Music Box ROCKS. And I kind of mean that literally. It is, after all, a music app. Birdie […]

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put some literary Spring in your step

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There are so many things to explain and enjoy with Spring on our doorstep. I’m realizing with every “Why?” of a 3 year old that I need some help! Plus, I know the Easter Bunny likes to give books at our house. These are the books on my radar, my wishlist, and potentially on our […]

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raising a little librarian

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Now here’s a unique way to help kids stay in touch with heavy, paper filled books that smell of ink and libraries (so much better than smelling a Kindle). Get them the Little Librarian Book Kit, (&19.99). Some of my fondest memories, best craft projects, and largest imaginings are thanks to my local library. Maybe […]

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spend springtime in a Parisian book

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Any time I can find a children’s book for Birdie that also doubles as graphic design inspiration for me and a little history lesson for both of us, you better bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be getting a copy! Henri’s Walk to Paris, is the sweet story of a little boy in a small […]

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gotta get app: Toca House

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Does your kiddo sort your coins by size and shape? Does he like to wipe the windows with baby wipes, or whatever random cloth/sleeve might be handy? Perhaps she offers to mow the lawn in the summer time? A little vacuuming with that pop pop push toy? Then I’ve got the app for you. We […]

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wait, WHAT’S at the end of this book?

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Recognize that image? If you’re of a certain age, I’m betting you will.The Monster at the End of this Book was my absolute favorite book as a child – or, at least, it’s the one book that stuck in my head from childhood all the way into my old age! I put off getting The […]

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doodle your own dinner

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Creative Coloring books like Doodle Cook ($14.95) deserve creative adjectives. Like Awesome-sauce. Awesome-pants. Amaze-balls. Especially when the book is all about creating new things. How about a Hand Salad, Crayon Tartar, or maybe a Sun-Ray Tart for your arty appetite today?  Hervé Tullet’s newest book (see his other books in my earlier Hervé Tullet Review) gives you […]

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gotta get app: Blöki

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There is something so addictive about a simple iPad/iPhone app that’s done well. With Blöki, I just enjoy interacting with the physics, listening to the sound of the wood blocks, and enjoying the open-ended play that’s stays real in a virtual reality. Yes, of course, real blocks are best. But next time you’re at a restaurant, […]

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best apps to get the kids through the holidays

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These are some of our favorite apps right now – it’s an ever-changing smorgasbord in our house, but these finds are the ones that have recently pulled us through or will keep us going during Christmas travel and family visits! What are your go-to apps with your kids? Share in the comments, let’s get a […]

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let’s get books to the kids who need them!

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click here & donate now! I just returned from an inspiring production of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, and I’m full of Holiday Spirit and Charity – the kind that lets you keep Christmas all year round (that’s an almost quote!). What better time than now to share a great (and affordable) chance for you to […]

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best illustrated children’s books

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While we’re all working to keep a firm grip on the loot piles looming over our kids this holiday season, there’s a simple saying: Give Your Child: One thing they want One thing they need One thing to wear One thing to read   Nice, right? Today, let’s focus on the reading. I just found […]

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gotta get app: Peek-A-Boo aliens

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Watching my almost three year old with any iPad app is fascinating. It truly is such an intuitive tool for her. Take this Peek-A-Boo Find the Hidden UFO’s app ($1.99). Obviously it’s beautiful to look at, but Birdie can navigate through the entire thing, without help from me. She even knows how to “cheat”: getting […]

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the incredible book eating boy

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Every once in awhile I realize there’s an item we’ve had forever that I’d meant to share with all of you forever ago. At the time I’m sure one too many things were on my to-post list! Luckily, the things we love are always worth a look. Oliver Jeffer’s book, The Incredible Book-Eating Boy, $17.99 is a […]

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storytime & nursery rhymes, far & near

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The Nursery Rhymes with Storytime app, $3.99 is a new favorite. I’m head over heels for the vintage illustrations and classic stories. They’ve been hijacked, dusted off, and upgraded to a look that’s just so COOL with all of it’s retro layers. Birdie is of course fascinated with all the moving bits and pieces. Even […]

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