our favorite girlie stocking stuffers

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Feeling a little stocking stumped? I have a favorite source for ah-mazing stocking stuffers that will make you and your little girl grin from ear to ear. It’s a chance to take an average item – hair accessories – and find an extra-special version! Hello Shiso is the best place for gorgeous hair barrettes, necklaces, […]

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h&m does halloween

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I really should have been reading those weekly emails from H&M. I just fall so behind that I start deleting every email I can in an effort to catch up. But then I nearly miss beautiful things like H&M’s All For Children 2013 Collection. The costumes feel both timeless yet very 18th century: like a […]

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finally: buy h&m kids clothes online!

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My iPhone loves to switch my typed “hmm’s” to “H&M”. I don’t know why. I do know it makes me want to go shopping more often than I should! Especially now that H&M finally offers online shopping in the US! Rejoice! I happen to live in a city with brick and mortar H&M stores, but […]

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accessorize the first day of school

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Yeah yeah yeah, the first day of school is all about shiny new backpacks and crisp new clothes. I get that. But why not add a little something extra special? Something you can almost guarantee no one else will have? Enter these truly unique Schoolyard Badge Necklaces available at Romp. I can’t get over the […]

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go go go to ko ko ko!

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Sometimes Etsy shops feel like a carefully curated boutique full of several different makers, and that’s my favorite kind of shop. Ko Ko Ko Shop includes sweet wildlife watercolors, funky kids clothing and accessories, and dishes and mugs too. It’s an entire smorgasbord of amazingness.   I’m drooling for the neckerchief, the pocket bunnies, knee […]

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DIY: flower crown

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Have you noticed flower accesories are taking over Pinterest and Etsy lately? Big, luscious, over-the-top cornucopias of florals. My favorite finds are the gorgeous headpieces. Every time I see one, I want one. But clearly in my day-to-day life it’s a rather useless accessory. I wonder what the moms at preschool pickup would say if […]

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zuzii is a zinger

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Can I please spend the entire day as happy and fashionable as the little girl in this photo? Holy Hannah she’s just too much! Apparently it’s all because of Zuzii’s adorable sandals. Which, ok, I can believe it. Zuzii started out making jersey knit sandals and booties, and has graduated to these beautiful leather creations. […]

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four eyes are so cool

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You didn’t get the memo? Kids glasses have come such a long way baby. I look back at the glasses I grew up with, and the glasses Birdie has the pleasure of wearing, and it’s practically comical. Yet, I’ll admit it, we might be glasses snobs. Her local eye doctor’s childrens selection was rather slim, […]

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how to match without being a stepford wife

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Before I counted myself among the hallowed elite known as Mothers, I wholeheartedly frowned on several mom-related things. Whether dressing girls in head-to-toe pink, watching Dora, following a strict routine, or allowing licensed toys into my home, I intended to refuse it all. But, as all well-seasoned parents know, I’ve seen the error of my […]

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urban kids need urban bonnets

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The sun is shining! And for once, it’s not shining on blinding white snow! Get your kiddos ready for all of those beautiful rays with a new bonnet from Urban Baby Bonnets. If Birdie wasn’t such a stinker about hats, she’d still have one of these for her 4 year old head. I remember a […]

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DIY: birdie’s wire flower princess crown

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She’s hitting her Princess phase. Oh dear, I’ve been dreading this! But so far, I’ll admit it’s been fairly manageable. She may love princesses and the color pink, but this weekend we spent a significant amount of playtime making Lego airplanes and playing with her new Hot Wheels race track (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!). So […]

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guest who?
Celina from petit à petit & family

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I’m so excited to share this amazing tutorial with you today! Celina, from the gorgeous Petit à Petit and Family blog, has generously agreed to share this massive and very very awesome necklace DIY for your kids. She’s done it all – from kool-aid dying the pom pom yarn, to making the beads, to the amazing […]

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great goodness giveaway: li li picked (closed)

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Ah, the holidays. Tis the season to be merry and bright and a little bit broke. Well, today’s giveaway might help with all of that. Li Li Picked is my secret weapon for finding good deals on a couple of my favorite brands – including Wobaby Basics, Kate Quinn Organics, and Tegu blocks, to name […]

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flap these right into your dress-up box!

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I found these winged wonders a little bit late for your Halloween plans, but I just had to share Big Bird’s Boutique’s amazing dress-up wings with you right away. I’m guessing they’re inspired by an amazing set of handmade wings I remember seeing around the web a year ago or more, but the beauty of […]

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imaginations flying to such great heights

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These images are so amazing I hardly want to say a thing. So, I will say simply this. Such Great Heights makes gorgeous year-round dress-up capes that will keep your Halloween costume alive and well far beyond the holiday. I think that covers that. Oh, and Such Great Heights also makes some truly amazing play tents […]

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